5 Reasons Why You Should Think About Installing Parquet Flooring

When you think about parquet flooring, what do you envision? Maybe the orange-tinted parquet floors from the 70’s or 80’s? On the contrary, just like any other trends that make a comeback, parquet flooring is bigger and better nowadays. Wood flooring is a beautiful and luxurious choice but when it comes to wooden floors, did you know you have other worthy options at your disposal too?

Parquet floors are made from 100% wood, and on the surface, it can look just like wooden floors. The difference lies underneath the surface. A solid hardwood floor is constructed with solid wooden planks, whereas Parquet is made from three separate layers of wood which are angled in such a way to distract from any disadvantages that you may have with solid wood flooring. This type of flooring can immediately transform your business or home. According to one source, parquet flooring Dublin, the herringbone pattern is the most common pattern.

Parquet floors became popular during the 1600’s in France. It was used as an alternative to marble flooring and has been utilized ever since. It is a well-liked choice due to its versatility and beauty. The flooring is constructed by weaving wooden blocks that resembles a mosaic. Every parquet floor is made individually to compliment any property with a traditional and stylish look.

5 Reasons Why People Opt For Parquet Flooring

  1. The unique appearance and design set this flooring option apart from other choices. Parquet is a distinct design which is not matched by any other.
  2. Parquet flooring is an extremely versatile option since it can be laid in various formations and patterns, plus it can be used in different rooms. You can also opt for reclaimed parquet flooring, which is less expensive, and it can give your home a truly unique and stylish look.
  3. Quality parquet floors are very durable and stable since it is constructed with three layers of wood at a ninety-degree angle to each other and can last for decades. Many individuals are faced with the issue of having to continually replace their carpets whereas, with parquet, this is not something to worry about. The top layer is constructed with carefully chosen wood which is referred to as the wear layer. It is usually 2.5 to 3.2 mm thick and can be sanded over a couple of times. Underneath you have a sturdy body that guarantees a stable floor. If your floor has taken a significant amount of wear and tear with time, it can quickly be restored.
  4. Since the bottom layers of Parquet floors are invisible; these layers can be constructed with more cost-effective types of wood, meaning that this type of floor is cheaper compared to installing solid wood flooring.
  5. Parquet flooring is undemanding to lay and can be done by yourself.


If you would like to install wooden floors in your home, but your budget doesn’t necessarily accommodate pricey hardwood floors, then considering Parquet floors is definitely an option worth looking into. Parquet is made with 100% wood; it is versatile, stylish, and long-lasting. It can still give your home that wooden floor feel, but at a lower price tag. These floors are easy to install, and you have the option of restoring them after a few years.

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