5 Security Products You Must Have in Your School

Safety at schools is critical. If matters that involve security while learning is not taken care of progress and the development of the students may be hurt. A safe and secure environment can help students become academically, socially and emotionally successful. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the school management to ensure that everyone in the school premises is protected.

5 Security Products You Must Have in Your School

Why has school security become essential?

Security at schools is being given particular attention for the following reasons.

1. Building trust

As an institution, it is your job to make parents and students feel safe. By putting the necessary security protocols and security measures in place, you can build trust. Parents will be comfortable bringing their children to school, and the students will be comfortable learning knowing they are safe. This will create an excellent reputation for your institution.

2. Reducing incident rate

Some accidents and events cannot be avoided. However, it is not okay to let your guard down. By having safety and security measures in place, you will be doing a great job of preventing specific incidences. Also, it will put the students under the spot light, forcing them to behave accordingly and not to put other students in harm’s way.

3. Keep an eye on trouble and prompt response

Security products such as CCTV cameras can help you keep an eye on what is going on in the school. More so, it can give you a clear picture of events that can provide you with the insights you need to solve cases or improve security. Since you will be keeping a close eye on everything that is happening, it will be easier to respond accordingly to emergencies.

With panic alarms, you can get alerts in good time to contact firefighters and the police depending on the emergency.

Security in school is essential in ensuring everyone within the premises is protected at all times. With proper security measures, students and staff are also able to operate optimally with zero worries over their safety. Therefore, having the right security products and protocols is vital, as this will play a massive role in ensuring everybody feels safe. Consider equipping school security with body armor plates and other protective equipment. This ensures they’ll stay safe while keeping students and other staff safe, also.

Security products that a school must install

Here are some of the security products that a school must install to enhance safety.

1.Bulletproof glass

Bulletproof glass doors and windows can stop bullets from entering into offices and classrooms, hence protecting school occupants from injuries and possible death. Gun violence is a rising concern, and especially in schools and institutions need to protect themselves from this. Installing bulletproof windows and doors can go a long way in protecting students from gun violence perpetrators. More so, it can increase the chances of survival in case such attacks take place.

Bulletproof glass works by slowing down the speed of a bullet and distributing its energy.

2. CCTV surveillance systems

CCTV surveillance systems are yet other security products that a school should not miss. These cameras play a huge role in reducing incidents in institutions. Through the cameras, the management can be able to know who is coming in and going out. This ensures unauthorized persons are not allowed into the schools and entry to certain areas of the school by outsiders is not permitted.

Some CCTV surveillance systems have artificial intelligence which makes alerts in case abnormal activities are noticed. Also, CCTV surveillance can come in handy in protecting students against teachers who may cause them harm: for instance, you can be able to prove that a teacher hit a student badly causing injuries. Knowing that they are being monitored, everyone will act as they are expected and uphold all the policies about safety in the institution.

3. X-Ray machines and metal detectors

Schools located in the middle of cities are exposed to a lot of danger. Students or even outsiders can carry weapons inside the premises and inflict harm on the occupants. Having metal detectors or x-ray machines at the entrance and exits can go a long way in ensuring than nothing that can cause harm finds its way into the school. Through detection, the school management can keep guns, knives, drugs and other threats to safety away from the school.

4. Panic buttons

Danger can happen at any time and anywhere in the school. With panic buttons available, students and teachers can get the help they need when they are in distress. This way, school occupants can get assistance in situations of medical emergencies and other dangers. Panic buttons can be integrated with surveillance systems to make the response more effective.

5. Entry control systems

Having access to control systems is an effective way of ensuring the safety of students and teachers in schools. Controlling who comes in, and who goes out ensures that no person who is a security threat to an institution goes anywhere close to the students.

A biometrics entry system will keep outsiders away and control who can access certain areas of an institution.

Do these security products eliminate the need for a security guard?

With the security products above, there is still a need for having security guards in schools. This is because they help bolster security practices. Also, they are trained in how best to respond to different emergencies. While security products play an essential role in security, having security guards enhances effectiveness.

We are no longer living in a perfect world. There is increased cybercrime, gun violence, robbery and other practices that are a threat to our lives. Over the past, schools have been targets for criminals; it is, therefore, essential to employ necessary security measures to ensure that teachers and students are safe as they acquire knowledge.

Installing Fabglassandmirror Bullet proof glass windows and doors, CCTV surveillance systems, entry control systems like safety bollards, and panic buttons  are some of the ways you can make your institution a safe place to be. On top of that, it is essential to hire a trained security guard who can respond to security emergencies. Through this, you can reduce incident rate, build trust and avail prompt response for emergencies.

Some Facts About Bullet Resistant Glass

As mentioned before, bullet proof glass is not always glass. Quite often it is plastic or an amalgamation of glass and plastic. Furthermore, bulletproof glass is not just used to prevent bullets from entering. It is also used to protect valuable items on display in museums from thieves as it is shatterproof. That is why the Mona Lisa is encased in a display made out of bullet proof glass.
Lastly, they also work wonders in terms of reducing sound and noise pollution. It nullifies most sound waves from passing through. As a result, it keeps out external noise pollution. It also gives you a modicum of privacy because bulletproof glass makes it difficult for eavesdroppers to listen to conversations.

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