5 Signs Your Microwave Needs To Be Updated Now

5 Signs Your Microwave Needs To Be Updated Now

Like all home appliances, a microwave needs to be updated after a certain while, or else it will become an electrical hazard for users. Typically, when people buy a microwave from a home appliance store and bring it home, they forget all about it and the possibility of ever-changing the machine. They often assume that it will last a lifetime; however, that’s not the case.

Generally, a microwave can run without trouble for almost a decade, but sometimes it can wear out sooner, warranting an upgrade. Therefore, knowing the signs of a worn-out microwave that needs to be replaced is essential. To help you learn those, here are 5 indicators to be wary of to take prompt action if you don’t want your microwave to disintegrate before your very eyes.

Sparks or Flickering

Unless sparks originate from a sparkler or firecracker, they are hardly ever a sign of something good. So, naturally, static flares going off inside your microwave while you try to heat up food will surely be ominous.

If you notice that as you press start on the keypad, your microwave begins to spark, even if intermittently, knowing that your kitchen appliance has run its course. You may be tempted to shrug the flickering off as a minor glitch, but don’t do that because it can cost you a lot later and put you at risk.

If you are not sure that your microwave does the sparking thing regularly or was it a one-time occurrence, then do a test run. Place a cup of water or milk in and give it a go-around. If you see sparks, you will know that you need to upgrade your microwave.

Strange Noises

A microwave is designed to hum while in use. You must have noticed it yourself every time you heat food, the appliance will hum till it stays on, and the sound disappears when you turn it off. But when the whirring changes into something louder, know that your microwave is notifying you of its imminent demise.

Don’t take the strange, loud bangs or clinks lightly, and get ready to update your oven.

Taking Too Long To Heat Food

One of the main reasons to use a microwave is its short cooking time. Want a cake? Mix some mug cake batter in a cup and pop it into the microwave. Want to heat the leftover burger from last night? Put it in the microwave, and you’ll have it ready in no time.

But when your microwave begins taking a super long while to heat an edible, which it would warm up in seconds previously, you should start looking for a replacement.

Keeps Shutting Down

One of the tell-tale signs of any electrical device that’s malfunctioning or nearing its end is the inability to stay on. That is, when an appliance keeps getting off after you plug it in, it is an indication that the equipment before is dying on you.

Similarly, when your microwave starts shutting off every time you try to use it, you should look for other models to purchase.

The Door Doesn’t Shut Properly

A microwave heats food with the radiation inside, which is contained when the door is shut. If the cover of your kitchen appliance becomes loose or doesn’t sit perfectly in its place, it will mess up the system. Resultantly, the microwave will either go berserk when you try to use it or will shut down completely. Either way, you might want to consider looking for an upgrade.

Ending Note

If you notice any of the mentioned indicators, be sure to go to a home appliance store to fetch a new microwave.

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