5 Simple Art Wall Ideas For Your Home

If you’ve spent a great deal of time in your home lately you may be looking for ways to update what each room looks like. Spending time feathering your nest can be a lot of fun, especially when you think about redecorating to invigorate a space. But when you’re ready to think beyond paint colors you are going to need some ideas of how to adorn your walls.

5 Simple Art Wall Ideas For Your Home

Don’t let your walls be an afterthought, while bare walls are fine in moderation, ultimately you are going to want to add some sort of decoration. Bring your home to life as you showcase your personality and design aesthetic using your walls as the blank canvas they are. It doesn’t need to be difficult,

The world of artwork is a broad range, with pieces ranging from commercially mass-produced to the one of a kind fine art, there are options for all tastes and budgets. As you’re trying to decide through all the choices you may find yourself drawn to specific pieces. If you’re looking for some inspiration look no farther, here are 5 ideas for you to consider.

1. Add A Mural

A mural can be an exciting option to decorate your walls. Maybe you’re looking for an artist to come in and create an original work of art directly on your walls. If that seems like too much of a commitment you can always opt for a mural that is applied in the same manner as peel and stick removable wallpaper.

A mural can help a room stand out but you want to find an option that makes your house feel like home. If a pattern is too overwhelming you may quickly tire of it. Murals are popular in children’s rooms or nurseries to add a touch of whimsy, but there are plenty of modern and mature murals as well.

Generally, the difference between a mural and wallpaper is that a mural is applied to just one wall and while wallpaper is placed in entire spaces. But you can choose to wallpaper just one wall to create a focal point in a more subdued manner than a true mural provides.

2. Large Scale Art

Nothing is worse than having art that is too small for a wall. You might be wondering what size artwork you should be looking for as you’re shopping. An 8×10 piece may have seemed big at one point but when it’s alone on a wall it would look pretty silly. Don’t let the art you love get lost on a wall because it’s too small. Find the right size every time.

There’s an easy formula to help you figure out the best way to fill your space. Measure the length and width of the blank wall you’re looking to fill. Then multiply those dimensions by 5.7 and 7.5. This will give you the range of artwork size you should be shopping for. Or simply put, you want your art to cover ⅔-¾ of your wall.

This handy cheat can be applied to the space that isn’t covered up by furniture but if you want the wall to pop consider art that covers even more space to make an even bigger statement. When you have a large scale artwork on one wall you won’t need to worry about decorating the other walls in the room as much because your big art will draw the eye’s focus.

Oversized art can set the tone for a room or even an entire home. Whether you are looking for minimalist paintings or photography or a vibrant abstract, there are many large options to be found. If one big option isn’t your style, consider putting smaller pieces together as a set to fill a large space.

If you find a small painting that you love don’t pass it up! Just find the right spot for it. Bathrooms are notoriously overlooked for wall decor, or maybe your entryway needs some fresh artwork. If you love it, you can make it work somewhere!

3. Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are classic for a reason because they are an awesome way to show off your own family and things that are important to you. Whether you stick with one type of photography or you want to mix it up with some other visually interesting wall decor, a gallery wall is a great way to spruce up your walls.

Gallery walls can help bare spaces become infused with color and pattern.

Some people have their gallery wall centrally focused on a clock or an initial, while others use their walls to show off their family and culture. Gallery walls reflect the owner of the home, if you’re more aesthetically inclined, try adding designer wall clocks from https://bestwallclock.com/ or consider incorporating children’s drawings to your gallery wall for a fun way to showcase your future Monet.

Gallery walls have no real rules which can make them especially fun for creative folks. If you aren’t a fan of a free for all, there are many templates and ideas available that can help you achieve that perfect and tidy look you’re hoping for. No matter what trends come and go, a beautiful gallery wall is always a good idea for your home.

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4. Embrace Plant Life

You don’t always need to decorate your walls with framed paintings or photography. Did you know that art will fade in direct sunlight? If you have a wall that gets a lot of sunshine you should consider creating your art with plants! No longer are plants stuck on the windowsill when they can have a great spot on the wall. Or hanging from the ceiling near a wall.

Plants can be a great pop of color without having to paint, so it’s a great solution for renters or an area that would be difficult to paint. No sun to be found? Do you have the opposite of a green thumb? That doesn’t rule out a plant wall at all! Choose succulents that need next to no sun or even realistic fake plants for the same look with minimal upkeep.

You can find wall shelves for potted plants easily or wall mounted garden trellises that can help you transform your home’s bare walls into a visually stunning greenery gathering. Another benefit of plant life is that there are some plant varieties that help purify your air, making them not only beautiful but incredibly useful.

5. Stay Organized

Every home could stand to have more organization. There are many ways to help your home run more smoothly that can also serve as artwork. Consider an oversized calendar to help keep track of your days, these can be simple or intricate. Either way they art artistic and easy to pull off.

If you’re lacking storage consider adding beautiful shelving units or creating a basket wall. Just because they solve a problem doesn’t mean they can’t look cool at the same time after all. Art is what you make of it so feel free to find solutions to your problems in creative ways. If you love how it looks, then it’s art!

You can always paint your wall with a specific paint that can turn any space into a chalkboard or dry erase whiteboard. This can help your family leave notes or reminders to help you stay on top of your tasks and whereabouts but can also let you express your artistic visions on a daily basis.


Decorating your home doesn’t need to be complicated. Let your personality shine from every space with the art you love. If your home doesn’t look magazine-worthy it doesn’t matter as long as you feel at home. There are no real rules to what the best look is for any home so do what works and inspires you. You’ll never go wrong when you trust your instincts.

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