5 Steps To Design The Kitchen Of Your Dreams


5 Steps To Design The Kitchen Of Your Dreams


Is it time to renovate your kitchen? Improving your home can be an empowering project, allowing you to really put your mark on a property. Designing the kitchen of your dreams can be a challenge, to help you out, consider the following ideas.

1. Think about the style

Before you can design the perfect kitchen, you’ve got to think about style. The style you choose might be informed by the rest of your home? For example, if your home is generally decorated in a minimal style, you might like to continue this in your kitchen?

If you’re keen to try something new, the cottagecore style is all the rage right now. Cottagecore focuses on a quaint aesthetic that’s inspired by the countryside. Expect farmhouse features, floral patterns, pastel colors, and frills. You might prefer a rustic kitchen? Industrial style decor, or perhaps simple contemporary features? Defining your interior style will get you off on the right track.

2. Consider the key features

Once you’ve got a rough idea of your interior theme you’ll need to figure out what kind of key features you’re looking for. Perhaps you’re keen to get a kitchen island? Or maybe a farmhouse sink? You might have your eye on some quartz countertops?

If you’re not sure what key features you’re looking for, you might need a little inspiration? Take a look at kitchen design ideas on Pinterest or Instagram. Read interior design magazines, and ask your friends for advice.

3. Remember sustainability

When you’re upgrading your kitchen you must think about sustainability. Choose earth-kind features, materials, and fabrics. When you’re choosing your kitchen fitters, ensure that you choose a brand with earth kind values. If you’re upgrading your dishwasher or washing machine, go for a water-saving appliance. You might also like to add low-flow fittings to your taps?

4. Consult a designer

Need some help with ideas? Then you might consider working with an interior designer? A designer can help you to achieve your vision, choose color schemes, and plan out your budget. When you’re stressing about kitchen design, a professional touch is often what you need. There are plenty of advantages to working with an interior designer including:

  • They can help you to find a style you love.
  • Offer advice depending on the size of your room.
  • Working with a designer can even increase the value of your property.
  • Avoid interior design mistakes.

5. Remember to budget

When you’re renovating your kitchen, you’ll need to remember your budget. Setting a budget can help you to plan what’s most important, and save on costs where possible. If you are looking for some cost-saving ideas, a few of these might come in handy:

  • Purchase a few second-hand or vintage items.
  • Use your creative skills to make a few decor objects.
  • Plants are a low-cost way to beautify a kitchen.

Using these five steps, designing the kitchen of your dreams is easy. Once you’ve figured out your style and your budget, you’ll be well on your way. If you’re struggling for ideas, it’s best to contact your kitchen fitters or an interior designer.

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