5 Stylish Design Ideas for New Bathrooms

5 Stylish Design Ideas for New Bathrooms

The bathroom can be redesigned to spruce up its appearance. The result of this design remodeling allows it to be easier on the eyes. Plus, your designs can make the bathroom more efficient, as you customize the different plumbing fixtures to your liking.

A bathroom redesign can make the space much livelier. To begin, take stock of the physical dimensions of your bathroom, and gauge how they should operate. Sometimes, smaller dimensions can make things pop out more. If this is the case, your design elements will need to be sparse.

The less you use design in a smaller bathroom, the more complete it will look. On the other hand, if the bathroom is much larger, the same design rule can still apply. You’ll need to experiment with the quality of materials you use before finalizing a design.

Are you looking for more inspiration? Here are five design ideas that you can implement for a new bathroom.

1. Plumbing 

Of course, no bathroom can work without adequate plumbing. Before the design process begins, you must ensure the plumbing systems will work in your new bathroom layout. Start by inspecting the pipes inside the space and go from there. Hot and cold-water pipes should run conveniently in your bathroom without being visible. 

When it comes to plumbing, be sure to always ask a professional for their opinion. A plumber like Gold Medal Plumbing will guarantee that all your fixtures are installed correctly. The last thing you want is a pretty bathroom where the showers, toilets, and sinks don’t actually work. Consult a plumber first to ensure your newly renovated bathroom will function as intended.

2. Painting the Bathroom 

One of the most visible parts of any bathroom is the paint used on the walls and ceilings. The colour can immediately make or break other elements inside the space, especially if you want things to stand out.

Should you be trying to go for a contemporary design, it is vital to use a minimalist paint colour. Black or white will never go out of style, and it can be used to bring out other materials inside the space. If you want to get a bit more experimental, try out lighter or darker shades of the chosen colour.

3. Countertop Materials 

One of the most visible aspects of any bathroom is the countertops. The material used in its construction will be the most noticeable, and it can have a lasting impact on the eye. Modern-day materials that can amplify the bathroom’s design are that of marble. While it is a bit pricier, this installation comes with many design benefits.

When coupled with a sleek, black visual aesthetic, your countertops are bound to shine upon entry. As mentioned previously, you’ll always want to get a professional’s opinion on it first. Marble needs to be installed in a quality manner to emanate its visual prowess.

4. Isolated Bathtub 

After a long hard day at work, relaxing in the bathtub can be an excellent way to unwind. However, why not make the bathtub a separate floor plan? An isolated bathtub is immediately observable, and its visual aesthetic can be increased with the right design. The plumbing above will need to account for this setup.

As soon as you enter the bathroom, the bathtub should be in direct view of your line of sight. This gives off an authentic, contemporary design, making your bathroom look much better. Once other proportionate elements surround it, you will be granted a cohesive design.

5. Miscellaneous Accessories 

Your bathroom should also be accompanied by accessories that reflect your personality. Are you a big fan of wall art with sublime messages? Throw up a few pieces on the wall above your sink!

A few potted plants littered in and around the space can add a bit of nature to your bathroom as well. Don’t just think that this space has to remain neutral. Experiment with the bathroom’s design to reach a creative result!

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