5 Summer Vacation Wardrobe Essentials

Vacation packing is an art.  Packing badly won’t ruin your vacation but it will be an irritation.  Your vacation wardrobe is always going to be necessarily limited so it’s important to pack a range of items that are going to enable you to look stylish and feel comfortable.

A vacation is a change of scene, a change of climate and a change of mood.  Your vacation wardrobe needs to be location appropriate and mood appropriate.  You should feel different, you should feel relaxed, you should feel ready to go out and have some fun.  What you pack will of course be determined by where you’re heading but based on the assumption that you’ve heading for sun here’s some essentials that deserve a place in your luggage.


Some designs just can’t be improved on and this is one of them.  Try and find a hat that’s as compact, practical and stylish. Maybe one of those $25,000 Panama hats that you can roll up in a tube would run it close.  The Baseball Cap was designed to keep the sun out of your eyes and be comfortable to wear and that’s exactly what it does. Whether it’s from a brand like Mr Porter or it’s one you’ve personalized yourself, it’ll do the job.  You can even flip it around to keep the sun off the back of your neck when you’re sat in the back of that truck after a day’s trekking.


There is nothing comfortable wearing a t-shirt from the hundreds t-shirts during your summer vacation. With several designs and colors that you can choose from you will surely end up buying a lot of t shirts. T-shirt can make you feel young, share your message: One Name Global, and simple but still look stylish. This will make your fashion summer style refreshing and exciting as you go along mixing it with your other wardrobe collections.


Your cap will help keep the sun out of your eyes, but you really do need a pair of quality sunglasses to protect your eyes from those harmful UV rays and that intense glare that you get off water or sand.  Get yourself in vacation mode with something a little different from your usual shades. Add a print, engraving or colored lenses to a classic style for that unique summer vibe.


Linen has a structure to it which means that it doesn’t cling to your body, the air circulates, and you stay cool.  Yes, it does have that slightly crumpled look, but you’re out of the office now so enjoy. Linen is made from flax which uses far less water in its production that cotton, so it’s a much more eco-friendly choice.  It’s also much stronger than cotton and more hypo allergenic.


No better way to trigger a vacation mindset than to slip into a pair of shorts and Chino shorts are the most comfortable, hardwearing and stylish shorts around.  Just above the knee for a stylish, relaxed look but if you’ve got legs you want to flaunt and you’re feeling a little sporty then go for short shorts, it’s your vacation after all.


Easy to forget that while daytime temperatures may soar, evening temperatures under cloudless skies can get chilly.  A light jacket will ensure that you don’t shiver your way through cocktails, and it will provide you with pockets for your wallet and phone.  A denim jacket is warm, stylish and isn’t going to suffer too much from being stuffed in your overnighter.

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