5 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Kitchen

When a woman first moves into a home whether on her own or with a significant other, it can be easily forgotten that your kitchen does not come with all of the necessities. While you probably remembered that you needed plates and cups and maybe even kitchen towels, you may have forgotten a kitchen tool here and there you may not used regularly.

However, there will come a day when you will need one of these things and kick yourself for not getting it sooner. This is why we have come up with this list of five things every woman should have in her kitchen. You can thank us later.

1. Mixing Bowls

Trust us, at some point, you are going to wish that you would have stopped by the store and picked up a set of mixing bowls. Even if you do not bake or cook often, you can easily find yourself needing to mix something up quickly and being upset that you did not make sure you had plenty of mixing bowls readily available.

2. A Serving Tray

I know that this is not the 1960s, and you may not consider yourself Suzy homemaker. However, having a serving tray or two can be extremely helpful. If you decide to throw a party or host a get-together, then having a serving tray is really helpful. Additionally, you might want to consider signing up for the Naked wines wine club so that you always have a bottle of wine to bring with you to a gathering.

3. Rubber Spatulas

If you do not own a set of colorful rubber spatulas, then what are you going to use to lick the brownie batter out of your mixing bowl? I bet you are glad now that you have both mixing bowls and rubber spatulas. On a more serious note, rubber spatulas are so useful in the kitchen for more reasons than I can list here.

4. A Colander (or two)

Once you get a little knack for cooking in your very own kitchen, you will realize how often you need to train water or grease off of various foods. Trust us on this one, you need a few colanders to keep in your kitchen.

5. A Quality Coffee Maker

Every kitchen should have a high-quality coffee maker sitting on its shelf. While single-serve coffee makers are nice, many people prefer to be able to make a whole pot in case a company is coming by to visit.

Final Thoughts

Never get caught in your kitchen without one of the essential items making your kitchen run. Just be sure to always be prepared for anything that might come up. As you get used to cooking more often, you might even need to add to this list. Some items I definitely enjoy having in my kitchen include a toaster over and air fryer.  As a bonus tip, I always make sure to purchase newly weds an item that I consider to be an essential kitchen item so that I can make sure they are prepared for anything they might need.

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