5 Things to Identify When Purchasing Your First Home

5 Things to Identify When Purchasing Your First Home

Buying your first home is both an exciting and intimidating time. The thought of making the wrong choice can trouble many and the thrill of finally owning a home can leave you blinded to what really matters. You probably know all about looking for the right neighbourhood, checking you can get the right mortgage and making sure there’s enough room for the whole family.

However, some elements shouldn’t be forgotten about and even an experienced buyer may not be aware of. From checking probate insurance administration to the plumbing, we bring you 5 things to indemnity when purchasing your first home that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Insurance During Probate

First-time buyers often choose a house that belongs to someone who has passed away, they are priced well for a quick sale and it means the chain is as short as possible.

Very few buyers understand the consequences to their purchase if the beneficiaries have not taken out estate administration insurance. Wills and probate insurance protects the beneficiaries should any other party come forward and claim they are entitled to the property and will also protect you from any financial losses if this happens.

Who Are The Neighbours?

It’s easy to determine what the whole neighbourhood is like, but it’s your immediate neighbours who could impact your life the most in your new home.

There is no harm in knocking on doors after viewing and introducing yourself to gain a good view of who lives next door. If you enjoy a quiet and peaceful lifestyle, living between two student households may not be the best idea.

Mobile and Internet Access

Let’s face it, we need a good internet connection for quality modern living. Without it, we can’t speak to loved ones or work from home (something we all love!). Your current provider may give you fantastic speeds in your existing home, but this doesn’t mean they can do the same in the properties you are viewing.

Before making an offer, check what your provider can offer in the new postcode, if they can’t deliver what you need, start to compare others. Similarly, you want to ensure you can make calls anywhere in the house and with fewer of us having landlines, mobile phone signal is incredibly important.

Make a phone call while viewing properties and make sure you walk into every room in the house and also the garden, you don’t want to have to walk down the road every time you need to make a phone call!

Plumbing Pressure

It may seem trivial to those who have not experienced poor plumbing pressure but it can make an impact to daily living. A weak shower can add precious time to your morning routine and washing up and be even more arduous with a feeble water stream.

Check the pressure of all water points in the property and if anything isn’t up to your standards, speak to a professional to gauge an understanding of how much this would cost to repair. It could be negotiated into the contract as a price reduction or allowance if discussed early on.

The Garden

The idea of a perfectly manicured garden is appealing. Who doesn’t want a beautiful space to host those summer BBQs? However, are you willing to put in as much time, money and effort as the current owner has? A spotless garden can quickly fall into disrepute without the right care, leaving your gorgeous purchase looking sad and neglected.

If the garden is what is pulling you in to make an offer, remember it won’t always look the same under your care! By keeping the above in mind, you can feel safe that you have covered many overlooked areas when it comes to buying your first home.

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