5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean When You have a Dog

If your home is a pet-loving household, you can understand the struggle when it comes to cleaning your house. Sharing your home with a furry companion comes with a lot of challenges and you will have to clean your home well if you don’t want your floor, sofa, comforter, and couches to be covered in fur.  Not only this, finding doggie footprints all across the bedspread and rugs is also very common if you’re not aware of the right cleaning hacks for dog owners.

If your home is a pet-loving household, you can understand the struggle when it comes to cleaning your house.These cleaning hacks for dog owners will help.

That means no matter how well-trained your furry canine is, if you skip its grooming session, you will end up with a messy and furry house.

Although these cleaning challenges vary depending on the personality and breed of your dog, every pet owner deals with slobber, mud, hair, and paw prints to some extent. However, the good news is that by taking a few preventative measures and using cleaning tricks, not only you can keep your house clean but also enjoy quality time with your pet.

Here we have rounded up five simple tips to help you keep your house spic and span if you have a dog.

 Smart Tips to Keep Your House Clean

  • Never Skip your Dog’s Bath time

No doubt it is one of the essential steps a pet owner must take for not only keeping their dog clean but also their house. That means the more you skip your dog’s bath time, the dirtier your home will get. However, it is important to remember here that frequent bathing may strip the essential oils of your dog’s fur, leaving them brittle and dry.

This is where you need to have the right knowledge pertaining to your dog’s breed.  Most puppies, like Collie and Maltese, require only weekly bathing as they are long-coated breeds. Puli is also a long-haired breed and doesn’t require weekly bathing.

However, if you find that bathing your pup is a daunting task, the given tips can reduce both mess and stress associated with bathing your dog.

  • Always use a non-slip mat in your pet’s bathtub. It will make him feel secure
  • Play relaxing music to keep the dog calm
  • Use cool or lukewarm water for the bath to avoid dry skin
  • Offer treats and appreciate your dog to make it a happy experience
  • Use formulated shampoos for dogs
  • Allow your dog to shake as much as he can after a bath
  • Remove Bad Odor

If you do not want to spend on too many cleaning products, using some homemade cleaning solutions can do the job for you. For upholstery and furniture, you can use light vodka spritzing to remove the pet’s odor.

Baking soda is also a great neutralizer that you can use to clean paw prints from carpets and rugs before vacuuming. Vinegar is another powerful cleaning item for removing the stinky odor.

  • Vacuum for Pet Hair

Shedding hair is natural for every furry animal. Getting rid of tiny hairs spread all over the floor, couch, or comforter can overwhelm any inexperienced pet owner. Vacuuming for pet hair is no doubt a first line defense for anyone who owns a pet.

The cleaning tool is specially designed for cleaning pet hair and works as a great backup for wooden or tiled floors. Use a premium quality steam mop after vacuuming pet hair to give your upholstery a shine.

  • Stop Dirty Paws at the Door

Training your dog plays a key role in your cleaning process. Teach your dog to stop and clean its muddy paws with an old towel or mat at the door. It will prevent your carpets from getting messy and dirty. Plus, you need to be proactive in terms of catching your furry friend before it makes its way straight to your living room.

Give it a quick rub to remove all the dirt it has picked up during outside adventures.

  • Clean Your Dog’s Things Regularly

Pet toys, beds, and even small leads can pick up a strong odor and need proper cleaning. Check if these things are machine washable; if not, then wash them with your hands. If you have a carpet in your home that also needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, as it attracts pet hair and your pet might have also have peed on the carpet. Consider looking for a good carpet cleaner for pets to remove smells and pet hair easily.

Final Thoughts

Overall, these cleaning hacks for dog owners are simple and effective to keep both your house and pet clean. Plus, pet training is extremely important to keep things easy. You can try early puppy training to train your pet. Also, make a healthy and strong bond with your pet to help him understand how you want him to behave.

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