5 Tips For Moving House

5 Tips For Moving House

Moving house is a huge undertaking. There are so many steps involved in the process, it’s no wonder that the idea leaves many people stressed and overwhelmed. In my life, I’ve had to move house five times, and while that doesn’t make me an expert, I believe I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way to help make the process as smooth as possible.

So, instead of listening to Joni Mitchell Blue and imagining yourself far away, let’s make this thing happen! Time to put away the youtube to mp3 converter, because these are my 5 surefire tips for a successful house move. Let’s go.


You can never start preparing too early. The first thing you can do to alleviate some of your tasks on moving day is collect a tonne of cardboard boxes, of all sizes. Then, begin packing away items that don’t require everyday use. Taking down paintings off the wall, storing away jackets, etc. If you can manage to store the majority of your house items in boxes, that will make the transportation part of moving far more efficient.

Booking ahead

Chances are, you’re going to need a moving van or truck. If you know the day of your move, it’s best to book a vehicle with plenty of time to spare. Then, if you’re not hiring a driver, ring up a mate that’s qualified to handle the drive. Personally, I think it’s a good idea to offer them some money for their troubles, especially as booking a driver through a removalists company is going to be very expensive. Now that you’ve got a transportation vehicle and driver sorted, it’s time to assemble your moving out crew.

Let’s put it this way, the more hands the better! Call up your mates and organise a group of people to help out with the heavy lifting. This will definitely ease some stress and make the whole moving process quicker. Once the job is done, I like to order up some pizzas and drinks for everyone that’s helped out. It’s really the least you can do.

Investigate your new location

One time, I moved into a new house, only to find that the electricity wouldn’t be coming on until the next week. Rookie mistake, I know. That’s why it’s super important to make sure you will have access to

– House keys

– Electricity

– Lease contract

– Emergency Contact

In your new residency, it will take plenty of time before everything is spick and span, but make sure you lock down these 4 essentials before the move. Imagine moving into your new place and not even being able to take a warm shower.

Get a good night’s sleep

Trust me. You don’t want to be up the night before the move, still packing things into boxes and making phone calls. A lot of moving house is preparation based, and the more you can tick off before the move, the better. Moving day is always laborious and exhausting, so a good night’s sleep is essential.

Take photos!

Okay, this isn’t really a tip, but I think moving day is an emotional moment worth remembering. Take photos of your old house and your new one, before it’s all set up. Years later, it’ll be a warm reminder of how far you’ve come. All the best!

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