5 Tips for Preventing Messes Before They Happen

5 Tips for Preventing Messes Before They Happen

If you try your best to keep your home spick and span but still spend hours every week cleaning up spills and dirt, you aren’t alone! Even the most proactive cleaners struggle with maintaining a clean living space.

Accidents happen; dark liquids and messy foods spill on your beautiful surfaces from time to time. You may not be able to prevent messes from happening all the time, but you can drastically reduce the amount of weekly cleaning you do with some preventative tips.

Check out this collection of tips that you can use to prevent messes before they happen!

1. Cover Surfaces Where Liquids Are Stored

Most people have containers of liquid stored somewhere in the kitchen or bathroom for cooking and/or cleaning purposes. Since many of these are bottles of cleaning solutions, people don’t typically think of them as potential messy hazards. But have you ever checked your under-sink compartment only to find things stuck in place with a soapy crust? It’s a big hassle to clean that surface.

Prevent your cleaning solutions from dripping onto surfaces with a simple under sink mat. The protective material is designed to collect any spilled suds or excess liquid. It’s an inexpensive investment that will go far!

2. Designate Food & Drink Areas

Odds are that if you accidentally send a bowl of spaghetti flying in your kitchen, it will be a lot easier and faster to clean up than if you were in your bedroom. With that in mind, try to designate certain areas and rooms in your house for food and drink to be used exclusively.

3. Stop Tracking In Extra Dirt

Most of the dirt and dust that you find in your home actually comes from the outside. Some dirt will inevitably come through your door, but there are plenty of ways to reduce the amount of dirt and dust that builds up on floors and carpets.

Here are a few quick ways to cut back on the dust getting into your home:

  • Place a doormat at every entrance
  • Wipe your shoes before entering or remove them entirely
  • Wipe off your pet’s paws and fur while still outside

4. Use Your Kitchen Exhaust Fan

You probably already know about the exhaust fan located above most ovens in the kitchen. You probably use it on occasion when you have to cook something with a powerful smell, too. But did you know that regularly using your kitchen exhaust fan can also help cut back on the mess in your kitchen?

In addition to trapping odors, the fan is useful for trapping grease or oil that sometimes lands on kitchen surfaces when you’re cooking. Using your fan regularly will help cut back on grease stains that stick to your kitchen counter and stovetop.

5. Remember to Change Your Air Filter

When was the last time you changed your air filter? It might seem like going an extra month or two between changes wouldn’t cause too much harm, but staying on top of your air filters and changing them out regularly is a great way to prevent dust from accumulating in your home.


You want to work smarter and not harder around the house. These five tips are cheap preventative measures that dramatically reduce the time you spend cleaning things up. While purchasing door and under sink mats require a small investment, other solutions like changing the air filter require no money at all. And we guarantee you’ll see a big difference!

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