5 Tips for Strengthening Your Bond with Your Sibling

A bond between two siblings is unique and somewhat complex. As much as we love our siblings, we fight with them a lot too. When you are growing up, you used to fight and be a tattler when it comes to your sibling. But for most people, these changes when they grow up. They become closer to their siblings and are their confidante.

Still, some people are not that close to their siblings. The love and respect and care is there, but for one reason or another, they are also distant. This distance can sometimes increase when one of the siblings gets married.

No one wants that because after all, siblings are our first best friend and a support system throughout life. That is why here are some tips to have a close relationship with your sibling even after marriage.

Let’s check these tips out.

1. Remember the special occasion

When you were younger, no matter how much you used to fight with your siblings, birthdays were special. The cake-cutting ceremony and balloon party and so on made you both excited.

As we grow up, we get busy with our schedules, and no matter whether we are close or not, forgetting to wish on a special occasion can be bad. So, if you cannot be with your sister or brother on their birthday or anniversary or graduation, make sure you do something special for them. Maybe buy them a gadget they love or a piece of jewelry or so on.

The same goes for anniversaries. When your sister or brother gets married, their partner is your family, and their anniversary should be special for you. You can start by sending anniversary wishes to your brother or sister. Or you can have a surprise party for them or more.

These may sound like a trivial thing, but these occasions and what you do on it can show how much someone means to you.

2. Respect their partners

A lot of times a relationship between two siblings becomes worse after marriage because they don’t like each other’s partner. Maybe one of the two siblings is married, and the other one feels like a third wheel, or so on.

Well, you need to know your boundaries. A relationship between two partners is sacred, and you don’t have the right to interfere in their personal lives unless they are seriously hurting.

Sure, you can clear your doubts, but you have no right to disrespect or say bad things about your sibling’s partner when you don’t know everything.

Sometimes, you dislike the partner of your sibling due to no fault of theirs, this can create problems between your relationship with your sibling.

The best way to deal with this is give your sister or brother-in-law respect but keep your distance. If you can try and sort things out,  it is best. Otherwise, be nice if you want your sister or brother to be a part of your life.

3. Let bygones be bygones

What happened when you were kids should not cloud your relationship when you are adults. The same goes for something that happened between you and your brother or sister, like an off-hand remark, or a disagreement that escalated into a fight or so on. Let it go, life is too short to be mad at your sister or brother over anything.

Let the past be past, and move on in the future, and be there for each other.

4. Don’t compare

Everyone has a different relationship with their siblings. Some are more of a hugging nature type, some bake cookies together, other text messages each other or call and talk for hours each day, and so on.

The depth can vary, and if you get jealous of a friend’s or partner’s sibling relationship, it will make you sad and envious.

So, be happy with what you have, and continue trying to keep each other in your lives.

5. Avoid hot topics

Family dinner night is great fun, we eat, and talk and get to know what is happening in everyone’s life. But if you know that certain topics can make you and your brother or sister fight like animals, stay clear of them, especially if you are distant.

Sure, talking about emotions and feelings are important, the hot topics here include their personal choices in friends, TV, politics, and so on.

Having a brother or sister is one of the best blessings in life. So, continue making efforts to keep them in your life.



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