5 Tips On How To Spend On Your Engagement

You’ve finally gotten engaged, and now you and your fiancé must plan a wedding, choose wedding bands and make decisions that will change both of your lives for the better. After the excitement of saying or hearing ‘yes’ has a little time to cool off, you may be wondering what to do next. If your engagement has your head in the clouds, listed below are 5 things to do after you’ve gotten engaged.

Tell Your Parents

Your parents may the only ones more excited than you about your upcoming wedding. They’ll want to know dates and start planning right away, probably before you have the chance to finish telling them how it happened! You may be eager to tell your story, and you’ll get to tell it over and over again as news of your engagement spreads.

Plan an Engagement Party

Now that the moment has arrived you want to celebrate. Start planning a party to let friends and family know of your new status and let them get to know your partner more. Make it as extravagant as you want – it’s your engagement! Enjoy the revelry of a night partying with loved ones and extended family and friends celebrating the love of your life.

Get Your Ring Sized

If your engagement ring is fitting a little loose, get it properly sized to reduce the chance of losing it. There’s nothing like the despair of losing the best engagement rings london you’ve ever gotten, the symbol of impending everlasting commitment to another. Precise sizing also prevents the ring from getting stuck onto the finger, which could turn into a scary situation if circulation gets cut off. If your partner got it right and the ring fits perfectly, that’s one less chore for you and kudos to them.

Spend a Night Inside

After a rush of emotions like the giddy ones you’ve been feeling since the question was asked, it’s likely you and your partner need a night of rest. Cuddle indoors and take in a nice movie of your choice with some popcorn and drinks. Take the rest of the night away from work, friends, the outside world, and phones, and spend time with each other.

Visit Your Meeting Place

Take a stroll down memory lane and visit the spot you first met. Maybe it was at the airport while you were rushing to catch your flight and the two of you bumped into each other. Perhaps it was at a bookstore while you were browsing, and your eyes locked in the aisle. Wherever you met, it could be romantic to go back to the beginning and reminisce about the start of your relationship. Reminiscing can boost your mood, making you and your partner even more excited for the future.

Now that you’ve started the rest of your life with that special someone, enjoy the time you have together as much as you can. As an engaged couple there’s tons of things to do besides wedding planning, so take time to just enjoy each other aside from the wedding excitement that surrounds you now.

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