5 Tips to Buying an Outdoor Sectional on a Budget

Patios and outdoor spaces are inviting, especially in the warm weather seasons. Furnishing them can be a great addition to any home. They are perfect places to relax and enjoy entertainment. Spacious tables, comfortable chairs, wicker rocking chairs, or an outdoor sectional are things homeowners often think about as outdoor lounge furniture.

Buying outdoor sectionals involves a lot of thoughtful planning. Especially, budgeting is an area that is inevitable. However, there is always something for everyone. Those with restricted budgets could also get great deals. Plus, any addition that’s done well will help you increase the value of your property, ManageCentralFloridaProperty.com points out.

5 tips for buying an inexpensive outdoor sectional

  1. Time of the Year

Early June up to August is the best time to buy outdoor furniture affordably. At this time, retailers begin panicking at their stock levels. They put furniture on special promotion. People can often find great deals at this time and use them to the maximum for the summer season that lies ahead.

Also, January, July, and end of December are seasons with special sales such as close-out sales, clearance sales, and floor sample sales. That’s when many stores clear their inventories. Labor Day sales in August and September are also good for saving money on outdoor furniture.

  1. Flexibility

Unless it is good luck, restricted budgets often force people to stay with what they can afford. Inasmuch as the season of purchase is important for budget buyers, it may come with restrictions. For instance, there may be limited styles and colors to choose from. Therefore, it calls for flexibility.

  1. Where to Buy

Some retailers charge more for their furniture than others. Those with a restricted budget would, therefore, love to get the best deals. Some of the best places to buy a cheap outdoor sectional include IKEA, Wayfair, Pier 1, Overstock, and World Market.

  1. Refurbished

Refurbished and cleaned outdoor furniture can look better than new ones. Yes. And they can even be of better quality. That is the way to go for those who are working on a budget. A visit to thrift stores, consignment stores, estate sales, auction venues, and flea markets could yield good results.

Besides, one could get good bargains from sellers of used or refurbished furniture. They often expect buyers to negotiate prices. So, they usually start at higher ends. Buyers who sharpen their negotiation skills have good chances of getting the best deals.

Also, outlets that sell used or refurbished furniture receive goods on a continuous basis. Some of them are good quality. Therefore, visiting those places often could result in buyers finding what meets their eyes. Sometimes, people can find what they did not expect at affordable prices.

  1. Used Sectionals

For those who wish to repair furniture the DIY way, buying used outdoor sectionals could work well. Other than being a cheaper option, it offers an opportunity for creativity. However, take caution when buying used sectionals. Avoid buying something that’s hard to fix or costs more in repairs than the value of new furniture.


Buying outdoor sectionals on a budget can be tricky. Sometimes people may not get what they really wanted because of financial constraints. However, those who do thorough research and are patient could get better quality furniture as compared to new ones.

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