5 Tips to Get Your Home off the Market Quicker

 5 Tips to Get Your Home off the Market Quicker

Scottsdale real estate prices saw a 12% hike over the past year. Selling your home can often be quite a time-consuming process. Without proper implementation, the sale could take months to happen. Selling a property is easier than buying one. Scottsdale real estate agents can help you sell your house faster. Here are five essential tips that can help you to get your home off the market quicker.

Stage Your Property

Staging your property helps you attract more potential buyers. Staging your property involves doing all the maintenance work and modifications required for the property to be ready for sale. It is advisable to hire an agent during this stage. 

For instance, Scottsdale real estate agents are proficient when it comes to staging your property. They can help you cut off any additional costs that could come from overspending on modification. They identify the repairs that need to be prioritized, helping you spend your money wisely. 

Pricing the property

An effective way to sell your property is by pricing it competitively. The price should neither be too high nor too low. A high price will scare away potential buyers, while a low price will land you in a financial crisis. It may even scare off potential buyers as they think the house has been undervalued due to underlying issues or flaws. 

A Scottsdale real estate agent will study your property and conduct thorough research with comparable properties. 

Depersonalize Your Property

One of the significant disadvantages that properties face in the market is too much personalization. The cultural background of the potential customer is often unknown. 

If the property is too personalized, it may not be appealing to all kinds of buyers, thus reducing the likelihood of a sale. The idea behind depersonalization is to allow the potential buyer to envision themselves living in that space. 

Besides cleaning the house, make sure you move all of your family photos, furniture additions, excess clutters, etc. Rearranging the furniture can often create an inviting aura for your potential buyers.

Curb Appeal

The first impression does leave a mark in the minds of your buyers. And, the fact is that the first thing any buyer sees in your home is its exterior. The exterior and surroundings should be appealing to the customer. You might want to paint the exterior and the front door. 

Planting more plants and flowers will give your property a natural and homely appeal. Mowing the lawn and cleaning any debris from your porches will give it a clean feel. You should also fix any broken lights, lawn signs, mailboxes, water pipes, and so on. 

If you feel like this is too much for you to do, you can always hire a real estate agent. They will hire professionals to take care of these tasks and ensure your curb appeal is as high as possible. 

Seal the Deal on a Sweet Note

You can close the deal faster by offering to pay the closing costs fully or partially. You could also allow a transferable home warranty. A transferable home warranty allows discounted repairs and replacements for your household appliances or systems. This gives the buyer a sense of protection and encourages them to wrap up the deal quickly. 

Before offering any of the above, consult with a Scottsdale real estate agent, and have them draw up an estimate to make sure that these offers do not burn a hole in your pocket.

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