5 Tips To Installing Blinds In Your Home

Installing blinds can help turn your house is your own personal haven. After a stressful day, nothing is better than just going home, drawing the blockout curtains, resting on the couch, turning on some sports on TV, and just relax. On weekends, after a long, tiring week, nothing is better than just relaxing on the living room, reading some novels while tuning on to some music, or a board game or card game with the family.

Having said that, our house must be as cozy as possible, since it is our own heaven on earth after being battered and pummeled by everything taking place outside of the home. Aside from work or business, we spend almost all of our time indoors. Therefore, each and every room must be designed such as to provide maximum relaxation and comfort, even to the smallest elements such as windows. Such is the importance of windows which is primarily our way of letting in natural light indoors.

But on some days where you don’t want sunlight getting in, what do you do? Or it could be that you care about privacy that you need to shut off some windows from the outside world?

The most common way is by installing blinds. You cannot go wrong with blinds. Choosing the right kind of blinds can transform your room and make it charming and inviting. The right type of roller blinds made to measure and fit into windows will improve the vibe and mood of the house and the family.

5 Tips to Installing Blinds

Here’s a rundown of 5 tips to installing blinds in your home:

  1.  Measure twice, cut once

That’s probably a famous saying to those who do a lot of carpentry and engineering. It is important to really take time to measure the dimensions of the windows (or sliding doors) you want to install blinds to, or else they would look unprofessional if it’s too wide or too narrow. A too wide installation will look really uninviting, while a too narrow one will defeat the purpose of filtering light and privacy. And, you definitely want to have the right tools (measuring tape, level, cordless drill, and electric screwdriver, for example) to get the project done right. 

  1.  Designs must be complementary

You don’t want your roller blinds to stand out like an ugly sore thumb. They should blend harmoniously with your windows and the entire room in general, so take time in choosing the right color, design, and pattern. The common rule is that it must be complementary with your wall color.

  1.  Choose the right materials

When installing blinds, you can use ones made from vinyl, wood, special aluminum or even custom fabric. Each one has its own pros and cons, especially regarding difficulty in maintenance and pricing. Vinyl is usually the most common since it is an inexpensive option and offers less maintenance than others. Wood, on the other hand, adds a sense of natural elegance so you might want to consider as well, despite it being more expensive.

  1.  Consider the room

Some blinds, even when fully closed, still allow a fair amount of light to enter. This will cause a problem in the bedroom since the glare can still hurt and distract. One solution is to couple installing blinds in addition to curtains or change to one which is a more effective light filter.

  1.  Plan out for accessibility

The blinds must be easy to reach and control such as to serve its purpose well of filtering light and maintaining privacy. It would be really awry if one has to move furniture or appliance just to control the blinds. It will also be a hassle if one has to climb a ladder or stand on a table or chair to do the same.

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