5 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Feel More Spacious

5 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Feel More Spacious

Bedrooms ought to be sanctuaries, a place you can’t wait to go to after a long day. However, growing populations and a shortage of affordable housing mean that sometimes your bedroom might not yet be the serene space you aim for. It might be cramped, a little dark, or cluttered.

Listed below are a few simple changes you can make that will instantly make your bedroom feel more spacious, and in turn, more peaceful.

1. Add Wood to the Room

Natural materials are known to add elegance to a room, but did you know they can also make a room feel more spacious? This is because the eye is drawn to the depth of the wood, accentuating the other colors and fabrics in the room. Wood — and almost in every shade — also works to bring warmth into a room. Adding a simple piece of wooden furniture can transform a space, and these bed frames in New Zealand are a brilliant example of that.

2. Clear Out Clutter

It may sound simple enough, but bedrooms quickly become full of unwanted stuff. Having a tidy, clean bedroom is one of the best ways to get better sleep. So, instead of diving into bed after a long day, take the time to store away your belongings. You will instantly feel better, are likely to sleep better, and your room will look bigger. Plus, this means that you’ll awaken to a clean bedroom and be able to get on with your day!

3. Use Plants as Focal Points

Although the idea is to remove, not add, belongings to create a more spacious bedroom, plants draw light into a room. And, if we know one thing for sure, light makes rooms feel bigger. They work as a focal point and complement the colors in the room. Plants are also known to increase well-being and improve indoor air quality — the benefits of having them in your room are endless!

4. Add Mirrors to Brighten

Mirrors are a brilliant way to make a space seem roomier. They channel and reflect light, making bedrooms seem brighter and larger, but they also work to seemingly expand areas even when there isn’t much light.

Your bedroom will instantly seem to extend way beyond its given walls as an illusion of depth is created. Mirrors can even be professionally fixed onto the front of wardrobes if there is not an area dedicated to the addition of a mirror. Even smaller mirrors work to expand the room. So, next time you’re home decor shopping, pick up a mirror or two to add to your bedroom.

5. Use Calm Color Palettes

Using calming whites and creams is the secret to helping your room look bigger. Interior design is about alternating your perspective, and a lick of white paint will do just that. This is because the colors reflect light which our eyes can perceive as volume. Gloss or satin finish paints will accentuate this effect by further reflecting the light in the room, and they are particularly effective if you have a source of natural light.

To Round-Up

Spending a little time alone to contemplate the day and meditate is important for our health. Having a clean, spacious space, we can do this in is a wonderful gift to ourselves. And, with just a few additions or changes, this is simple enough to achieve! Add a plant, a mirror, calm colors while removing any unnecessary clutter. Your calm and now spacious bedroom is bound to be a much more enjoyable place to spend time in.

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