5 Tips to Selecting Exhibit Materials

Are you thinking about giving your business an extra exposure by participating in trade show or exhibition?  One thing you need to know is that the exhibit materials you use will have much influence on the number of closed sales and sales leads that you’ll get out of the exhibition. In as such, you should be extra-keen on the materials that you use for marketing and advertisement purposes. Here are five things you can implement to ensure that the exhibit materials that you select will help your business achieve the targeted marketing and sales goals by the end of the show:

Design a booth that supports your goals

Having already set your sales and marketing goals for the exhibition ensure that you design your booth in a manner that supports both. For instance, you can have a booth with ample spaces for all buying phases by dividing it into 6 different areas; interactive game space, large group presentation space, product demo space, small meeting space, conference room space and hospitality space, respectively.

With such a booth, your customers will be able to complete all the buying phases from that single booth. This will also strengthen your relationships with clients,  resellers and prospective customers. Also, ensure that your branding structures and graphics are big enough for clear and outstanding visibility to your target audience.

  1. Use enough energy efficient lighting

Your stand ought to be well lit to make it stand out from the crowd. However, it is important to give a though to the type of lighting that you’ll use because it’ll certainly reflect in your costs. In as such, the use of LED or any other green lighting technology makes more sense as compared to incandescent due to their increased efficiency. Although  energy efficient options such as LED have higher upfront costs than the traditional options, their running costs are much lower and they look great too. Expocart has a wide array of trendy energy efficient exhibition lights that you can choose from.

  1.  Consider recyclable materials

Any prudent business person wants to get maximum value from their cost items. On that note, it’ll be wise if you select materials that will not only help you during that particular trade show but in others that you’ll possibly participate in the future. Even better, consider using material that can be used again in another department or section in your business.  Considering such possible future usage, recyclable materials are the best choice.

  1. Go digital

We are living in a digital world and you can’t afford to be left behind if you want to remain competitive in the business’ world. You don’t need a bulk of physical brochures or other printed marketing materials in your booth while you can relay the information in them digitally. Remember that nowadays, most people, especially the millennials, prefer digital content than printed information.  However, ensure that you choose a technology that your workers and target audience can use hassle-free.

  1. Have some giveaways

People like freebies and you can take advantage of that to bring traffic to your stand. Include some giveaways in your exhibit material budget. However, the whole point of giving out the goodies should be to create more awareness of  your brand amongst people. In as such, let the items that you give away portray a particular impression about your business. Branded samples of your product(s) are the best for trade show giveaways.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t make a kill from your next trade exhibition now that you know how to select exhibit materials. In case you need any help as far as choosing exhibit materials is concerned, you can get in touch with Expocart and they’ll assist you accordingly.

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