5 Tips to Store Overnight Oats & Benefits – A Quick Fix for Breakfast

5 Tips to Store Overnight Oats & Benefits

What’s immensely flavorsome, readily available, and also packed with a thousand nutrients? Overnight oats, what else? These tips to store overnight oats will help you get started!

You can prep and store them in advance, for a whole week even, in any of the overnight oats containers. And what’s even wonderful is the fact that they require absolutely zero cooking. Plus, they can be made in several different flavors and combinations using any of the many recipes available.

We know what we’re having for breakfast tomorrow!

But do you know the right way to store them and make them yummy for the next day? Here we present you our 5 tips to store overnight oats & benefits they provide for a healthier functioning body and mind.

So, keep rolling! (Pun intended)

5 Tips to Store Overnight Oats & Benefits – The Right Way of Doing It

So basically, what overnight oats are?

They are your favorite kind of oatmeal, soaked in your favorite kind of milk, with all your favorite add-on ingredients.

What’s not to like!

In just 2 hours of soaking, these little magical grains will swell up and provide you with an incredible chewy texture without any cooking. And because you store them in your refrigerator and eat them right away after at least 2 hours, they become heavenly cold treats, more enjoyable in hotter temperatures.

So to ace their delicate flavor and do them justice, we present you with our 5 useful tips to soak it right.

1. The Golden Ratio

It is very essential to keep the texture of this concoction right if you want to enjoy it to the fullest. And because when you add the oats to the milk, they are not swelled up yet, you may have some problems in guessing the perfect ratio to achieve it.

Understandably, if you add too much of the liquid ingredient, your oats will start swimming in it and you’ll have to drink your supposed-to-be porridge rather than eat it. And if you add too little of it, the oats won’t have enough liquid to absorb and will feel raw and crunchy. What a waste!

But fear not!

With months of trial and error, we’ve come up with the golden ratio. Keep your milk to oatmeal proportion at 2:1 and you’ll have nothing to worry about anymore. This ratio will keep the consistency right, the texture up to the notch, and taste to 100%.

What more can one ask for?

2. The Perfect Seasoning

As much as we love honey, maple syrup, and all things sweet in our oatmeal, there is no denying the fact that nothing else has the power to do what a pinch of salt can do. So when you are adding your favorite sweeteners and seasonings to the mixture at night, never forget to stir in just a little bit of salt too. The saltiness will be a perfect match to the sugariness you add and make for a flawless balance of seasoning for your recipe.

As they say, “Salt makes the sweet taste sweeter.”

3. The Right Kind of Oats

You cannot just dump any oats in the milk and expect them to magically turn into the yummiest creamiest porridge in your refrigerator. This is a delicate process and you need to pay some respect to it.

So do some research for crying out loud!

The instant oats are too tiny in size and can dissolve in the milk when you store them for long. Steel-cut ones are a better option but still not the 10 on 10 option since they can turn out pretty dense and chewier than you’d like them to be.

This is why we recommend using the old-school rolled oats as they are the right size, soak up the right amount of milk for a creamy silky, and hearty texture.


4. The Precise Timings for Add-Ons

Even though prepping for overnight oats sounds pretty simple and easy to do, you have to do a bit of work if you want your plain oatmeal to be a culinary masterpiece. 

A little exaggeration never killed anyone, did it?

So put some thought into what goes in, when? Do you want to soak your fruits and nuts overnight too, to turn them all into a single mush? Or maybe you want to play with different textures and leave some chewy ingredients to be added before serving, to provide the right amount of crunch? 

So put your brain muscles to some exercise and layout the exact timings for adding your extras in. You’ll want to consider the texture and soaking ability of each ingredient and time accordingly.

5. The Correct Way of Eating

Have we exaggerated enough on the fact that overnight oatmeal is a divine creation sent from above and needs proper protocol and manners when you eat it? Even if the sight of all the deliciousness blows your mind away, you cannot just grab a spoon and dig right in.

Hold your horses for a moment!

First thank God Almighty for providing you with this wonder, and then swirl the mixture slowly as you eat it. The oats will be mushy at the bottom of the container and crunchy and chewy on the top. So to get the best of both worlds, you need to keep stirring with your spoon as you eat it.

And voila!

There you go, a bowl of delicious creamy oats are now in your tummy.

And your body will thank you for it.


Because of these benefits they provide;

Benefits of Overnight Oats

  • Using rolled oats, which are recommended for overnight oats, rather than the processed instant variant, provides more nutrition.
  • They have a high number of minerals, proteins, fibers, and vitamins.
  • They are easy on the tummy.

With the addition of fruits and nuts, the nutritional value increases many folds. Because of the no-cook recipe, the nutrition remains intact and is not wasted due to heating. If you watch what you add to them, they are great for weight loss.


So there you have it. The increasingly popular and immensely nutritious idea to try this week. With our elaborate discussion of 5 Tips to Store Overnight Oats & Benefits, you can now make your breakfast more fun and scrumptious with customizable recipes. So have fun while you take care of your body.

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