5 Tips to Work More Efficiently and Get Stuff Done

“Procrastination is the thief of time” is a traditional proverb from Edward Young which we can all identify with from time to time. Of course, no one can expect to be positively motivated, effective and productive 100% of the time. But if your inefficiency is getting out of hand and your to-do list is getting longer and longer, it might be time to focus and make the necessary changes to increase your output.

In a world where we have so many demands on our time, we need to deliver as much as possible as quickly as possible and with almost limitless distractions facing us from every direction, being productive can be easier said than done. So to help, we’ve put together some tips to help improve your efficacy and get the most out of your precious time. Read on to find out more…

Write a list

You may already have one of these, but is it realistic/neat/achievable? Consider making a daily one so you can keep closer track of your progress – having too many things on one long one might be over-facing so turn it into something more manageable. Then follow it!

Remove your distractions

Your working environment can either be conducive to delivery or can destroy it! Make sure you clear your space, put any devices away, ban yourself from social media, and if you work in a noisy office, maybe even go and sit somewhere quieter. Getting drawn into the daily chit chat can be more damaging than you realize.

Wake up early

Going to bed soon and getting a good night’s sleep to start your day the right way can boost your output immeasurably. Waking up just an hour earlier than usual will give you a head start on your list, and the positive feelings that will bring should last throughout the whole day. If you struggle to sleep or with your energy levels, speak to the experts at clickpharmacy.co.uk to find out what supplements are available to help.

Set up a system

Often, we find ourselves doing the same things repeatedly, but do you have a process for them? Maybe you could create a template to follow that will reduce the time it takes to do the task. Or perhaps you should have a system for your day to follow? For example, respond to emails for the first 30 minutes of your day and then turn them off entirely to focus on something more involved and complete it in an end to end way. Especially, if you work from home, having a system in place like a spreadsheet from Tracktime24.com to track time is useful. It helps you to see where your time is being used and help you stay on track during your work hours.

Eat your frog first

Have you ever heard the phrase that you should eat your frog first? What it means is, you should start your day by doing the most challenging and least appealing job, and your mindset will be incredible for the remainder of the day. Not to mention that horrid task is ticked right off!

One of the barriers to our productivity is often our mindset, so if that’s in the right place; you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. Be positive, be disciplined, and your output will increase to the level you need it to.

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