5 Types of Grandfather Clocks


5 Types of Grandfather Clocks

Your dream décor might contain a grandfather clock. They exude elegance and have a unique, antique look. However, you may not have realized there are different styles to fit what you want and need. Many people often think of the huge traditional grandfather clock that they may have seen in an elder’s home. But according to Clocknerds.com, they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors for those looking for a specific aesthetic.

Grandfather Clock Types

1. Electric Grandfather Clocks

Grandfather clocks were mechanical for a long time. Owners of the clocks had to use a key and turn the arbors every couple of days. Alternatively, they could pull the chains down inside the cabinet once per week. Many traditional clocks will still require you to do this. Today, most people don’t have the time or want to exert the care a traditional grandfather clock needs.

People are too busy and have opted for an electric grandfather clock. These clocks only need batteries to run. When it dies, you simply change the battery, and the clock begins to work again. Like traditional clocks, they come in various styles and finishes. Most people will prefer to mimic a traditional clock and will choose oak wood. The clocks will generally weigh just as much as a grandfather clock because the only major difference is it runs off batteries instead of a turnkey.

2. Grandfather Cuckoo Clocks

Cuckoo clocks are one of the most well-known and favorable of most clocks. Cuckoo clocks generally only have a wood construction. Cuckoo clocks usually only use two kinds of wood for construction: Linden trees or Lime trees. They will have weight-driven movements underneath as part of the clock’s design. The sound from the clock uses similar principles of an organ. The wind rushes through the two pipes and creates a sound. The sound occurs every hour and a figure will come out of the clock to alert you of the time. Some of them will even play a melody two or three times.

Not every cuckoo clock makes noise, however. There are non-musical clocks that only display a figurine when the hour changes. The type of figures that display is endless. Some have soldiers, birds, cats, or other animals. Many people will have their clock painted in various colors or to match a scene, but some like to leave it as-is for an antique look.

3. Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks

One of the well-known makers of a grandfather clock is Howard Miller. Many lovers of grandfather clocks tend to seek this clockmaker. The company is known for creating elegant and stunning antiques that will surely pass down from generation to generation.

This clockmaker makes both free-standing clocks and wall-mounted clocks. The clocks are well-built with real wood. This makes them heavy, and you need to take caution when hanging them or moving them around in your home. Howard Miller doesn’t come in one type of wood or design. They let you choose the kind of wood you’d like and the finish color too. They offer modern and rustic designs. You even have the option to choose how the dial and pendulum look. Normally, ornate lyre-style pendulums are chosen but circular ones are becoming more popular.

4. Miniature Grandfather Clocks

You may have always wanted a grandfather clock, but you don’t have space for one. Luckily, many clockmakers have got you covered with miniature grandfather clocks! These clocks will still provide you with a beautiful and classy antique. While you are looking for a scaled version of a grandfather clock, you still want to ensure you have space for a miniature one.

Miniature clocks will come in various shapes and sizes, even small enough to fit in tight spaces. However, this will depend on how you want your clock to look and the space you have to offer. If you want a grandfather clock for the melodies, you’re in luck! Miniature grandfather clocks will chime each hour to the classic chimes like Westminster, Ave Maria, and Bim-Bam.

Some miniature clocks also come as a wall-mount, so you can always hang them if you lack space. Just like a traditional clock, you can choose the type of pendulum you want, the design, the wood, and the finish.

5. Wall-Mounted Grandfather Clocks

A wall-mounted grandfather clock is a smaller version of the original version, the longcase clock. This type of grandfather clock is meant to be hung on your walls instead of the floor. Many enjoy these keepsakes because of the elegance and antique look it displays.

There are some varying factors to determine a wall-mounted clock over another. Some identifiers include its size, weight, and materials. For example, wall-mounted grandfather clocks are very heavy. You need to exercise care and caution when hanging them. The clock’s materials generally are made from hardwoods like cherry, mahogany, or oak. They will have metal, glass, brass, stone, or porcelain to make them more unique and elegant.

The designs and styles they display resemble the longcase clocks. Many of them have different styles and intricate details. However, the clockmakers usually have a set style and design where it’s easy to discern who made which clock.

Final Thoughts

Grandfather clocks will fit in almost any house. They come in all designs from intricate to classic looks. You can pick the type of wood and finish you want to match your aesthetic. You may opt for a cuckoo clock type over a traditional or electric type. Some may even choose a combination of both cuckoo and a wall-mount. Others prefer the Howard Miller clockmaker and their styles. Whichever you decide, there’s sure to be the perfect clock for you.

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