5 Upcycling Ideas For Interior Inspiration

5 Upcycling Ideas For Interior Inspiration

With the rising awareness of the damaging impact ‘fast’ goods can have on the world and the impact of the current economic crisis, it makes more and more sense to turn to upcycle to achieve the latest in décor design trends in a cheaper, more green way. We’ve put together some great upcycling ideas to get you started on your room revamp, so there is no need to compromise on aesthetics. Check out our stylish suggestions below!

1. Classy Clock

If you have a broken timepiece that still has potential then why not repair or restore your clock? You can take it to a professional to have it fixed and then decorate yourself if you want to keep costs down. Buy some metal paint in a cool color and repaint, then rehang, and voila!

2. Teacup Candles

If you have some old mugs or teacups don’t throw them in the trash! Buy some wax and some essential oils and use them to fill the cups, add a wick and you’ll have a beautifully scented teacup candle to burn. Chipped and cracked cups will only add character to your candle so you can even include lightly damaged cups!

3. Ladder Shelving

If you have an old wooden ladder than opens up into a triangle shape you can use this to make an incredible shelving unit. Sand down and then fit wooden planks between the rungs of the ladder evenly, you can choose if you want large spaces between for vases and décor or smaller gaps for books and photos. Nail or glue the wood into place (use nails if you’re planning on adding heavy items to the shelves!) and then paint in the color or wood stain of your choice.

4. Contact Coffee Table

Contact paper is one of the most versatile materials when it comes to upcycling. Take an old coffee table that’s looking a little worse for wear and give it a totally new look by adding a sheet of patterned contact paper to the surface. Repaint the legs and you’ll have an amazing new table with virtually no hassle! Try white marble contact paper with gold-painted legs for a classy take on the trend.

5. Suitcase Footstool

This is a great idea if you’ve cleared out your attic and found an old top-handled carry suitcase with no wheels. Cut the case in half on the hinged join and turn on its side so the outer shell of the case is facing upwards. Nail or glue legs to the outer shell of the case then turn right ways up. Use a pillow or upholstered cushion to stuff into the inner shell of the suitcase for a cute and quaint footstool.

Bonus Upcycle!

After all of that painting, you’re likely to have a few empty tins hanging around. Give them a good old clean with paint stripper and then use Brightly colored tape to create a pattern on the outside. Fill with ice and water and you’ll have the perfect ice bucket for your well-earned wine! Which of these upcycling trends will you be trying? Share you own in the comments!

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