5 Vacation Safety Tips

5 Vacation Safety Tips

Summer vacations are meant to be fun, but it’s important that everyone stays safe, too. There are certainly potential hazards to consider: excessive heat, sunburn, insect bites and stings, safe driving, and so forth. Here are some tips for staying safe on vacation this summer.

1. Watch Your Baggage

Whether it’s a purse or wallet, suitcase or duffle bag, keep an eye on your belongings. People have been known to have their purses or wallets stolen while they exit their plane, wait for a bus, or simply go sightseeing and shopping. To help offset the possibility of being robbed, here are some tips. Keep your credit cards in a Rfid Blocking card case so no one can access card info with an illegal card scanner.

Use a fanny pack rather than a purse, or even better, carry your money under your clothes in a special money belt. Traveler’s checks are still considered a safer alternative to cash.

Don’t carry everything in one place. Have your cell phone, passport, wallet, cash, etc. stashed in different places on your person. Your phone is crucial because if your wallet gets stolen, you will need to cancel your credit cards immediately.

Don’t check on your purse or wallet in public areas. Thieves look for people who pat their clothes and pockets to see if their wallets are there, and then the thief knows where you’ve stashed your wallet. You just showed him/her with your hands! Instead, find a private area such as a restroom to do a possessions check.

2. Get Electronics Safe

When traveling with a cell phone, tablet, or laptop be sure you can recharge them when needed. Carry an emergency charger for your cell phone and make sure your chargers will work where you are vacationing.

Get a VPN for your devices so you can use them without the risk of someone gaining access to your data like usernames, passwords, etc. Look for the best VPN for streaming.

3. Sleep Well

Did you know that falling asleep at the wheel is a significant problem and a major cause of fatal accidents? Before you set off on your vacation, if you’re driving, be sure to get a good night’s sleep. If you can’t get a good night’s sleep for whatever reason, then make sure you pull off the road at the first sign of drowsiness and take a nap. It also helps if you have another driver with you who can take over if you get too sleepy.

Chewing gum, sipping coffee, or eating dark chocolate can sometimes help keep you feeling alert while driving. But none of those tricks is a substitute for a full night of rest.

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4. Eat Healthy

While you’ll probably want to indulge in food and drink during your vacation, you also don’t want to spoil the remainder of your travels with tummy troubles. Or worse, you become a target to thieves because they see you’ve drunk a lot which makes you vulnerable. Find a balance between enjoying the local cuisine and staying aware of what and how much you’re eating and drinking.

5. First Aid

In today’s pandemic, the first step to take to stay healthy during a vacation is to keep your face mask and anti-bacterial lotion handy. Travel with a first aid kit that includes after-bite and after-sting lotion or ointment.

Nothing ruins a vacation like getting a bad sunburn. Not only do you feel terrible for days, but it’s also unhealthy for you. Make sure you don’t get too lax about putting on sunscreen. It’s easy to forget in the excitement of arrival at your destination, but it’s important. Pack the sunscreen on top of the topmost duffle bag, so you can get at it right away before you hit the sunny shores!

If you plan to spend any time outside take appropriate repellent and long-sleeved shirts and pants for evening outings. You’ll be glad you did when bugs like mosquitoes are at their peak. In some areas of the world, they carry diseases that put you in the hospital.

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