5 Ways to Achieve an Organized and Attractive Garage

5 Ways to Achieve an Organized and Attractive Garage

Did you know that an estimated 30-40% of people don’t use garages for their cars? This fact may seem astounding when you consider the cost of a vehicle and the extra security a garage provides. But, it is simply a matter of convenience.  It’s much easier to park in the drive or on the road than constantly opening and closing the garage.

Plus, garages tend to get cluttered as this is where all the ‘useful stuff’ sits.

Fortunately, you can amend this and create an organized and attractive garage instead of the cluttered mess you currently have.

Add A Carport

This may seem like an unusual way to organize your garage but one of the best things you can do for the space you have available is to get the car out. Providing you have the space a double carport is an excellent way of keeping one or two cars protected from the elements and easy to access.

It also leaves your garage as a blank canvas.

Ruthlessly Clear

The next step, now that you can get to the clutter in your garage, is to get rid of it. You need to be ruthless, sentimental items can be kept, although you may prefer to transfer them to the loft. Anything that hasn’t been used in at least a year should be recycled.

Clearing the space allows you to see what you have left and decide on the best way to organize your garage.

Add Shelving

Now you’ll need to add some shelving units. You can purchase the ones you need or you can make your own. Both options are viable although making your own will allow you to customize the shelf gaps. This could be beneficial if you plan to store odd-shaped items.

You can and should plan your shelving to accommodate the various tools and other essentials that you now keep in your garage. It goes without saying that the shelving should be against the wall. If you’ve opted for the carport or simply keep your car out of the garage the shelving can be put on all available walls.

Create Different Areas

Organizing the items you are keeping is critical to creating an attractive garage. You’ll need to designate specific areas for different tools and other items you’re keeping in your garage.

Ideally, create small labels that indicate what items are supposed to be in each area. You’ll then be able to start sorting the items you have left and allocate everything a home.

If you run out of space you’ll have to renegotiate the space or consider adding overhead racking.

Consider Dry Walling

Finally, to really make your garage attractive you should consider using dry waling. This would need to be done before the shelving is fitted. But, putting up dry wall would allow you to paint the garage any color you like and even use the space as an extra room. Of course, if you want to completely transform it you’ll need to get planning permission.

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