5 Ways to Be More Productive and Avoid Stress

If you struggle with daily demands from work and family, you know that being disorganized leads to chaos. Learning to work with the time you’ve got and balancing demands will help you manage tasks and avoid stress.

Easier said than done, right moms?

That’s why we’re here to help you get on top of daily tasks and stay organized. With the help of this Australian mum’s blog, here are five tips for getting more stuff done and avoiding stress as a busy mom.

1) Do Errands Before the Kids Come Home

Try to fit in your other tasks while your children are at school so that you can all enjoy free time together. Clean and do laundry as soon as they get on the bus, not once they walk in the door. If you put your chores for later in the day, you might be distracted by all the things you have to do while you’re in their company.

You’ll also get certain tasks done early in the day and avoid dragging your kids with you to the mall, grocery store, etc. Your kids will thank you and you’ll have more time to do fun things together!

2) Plan Family Meals on Mondays

Trying to think of a meal after a busy day at work or packing lunches minutes before you have to leave in the morning can be stressful. A good way to avoid this is to plan your meals at the beginning of the week, on Monday, to avoid the last minute rush.

Planning ahead will also save you money by reducing the number of extra items you buy at the supermarket. Calculate a budget before going to the store and stick to it once you’re there.

2) Create a Chores Schedule

Chores can take up a lot of time if done irregularly and in a disorganized fashion. The easiest way to balance all your tasks is by allocating chores for each day of the week. If you focus on following a routine, you may be able to free up your evenings and relax a little.

Delegating tasks to other members of the family will also help. Asking your children to do the washing up or the hovering will teach them good discipline. If you are organized and calm, they will learn from you and be more willing to help out.

3) Don’t Lose Track of Finances

Whatever your job is, it’s important to keep track of earnings and outgoings and form a budgeting plan. If you’re on top of your finances, you will worry less about work and the weekly shop.

Your job should not become a dominating factor in your life outside work hours. Finish up within office hours and don’t answer emails in your free time. That way, you keep your home and work life separate.

4) Make Space for Yourself

Keeping your home organized also means making space for yourself. If there’s not a distinct area of your home that you have all to yourself, you’ll have no escape from the demands of your busy schedule.

Your home shouldn’t be a place of all work and no play. Make a space for yourself, where you can enjoy your hobbies or just relax.

Consider converting the guest room into an office or installing a standing tub.

Bottom Line

Don’t assume you can get everything done by just hustling – you need a plan to keep you on schedule. If you’re answering emails leftover from your 9-5 job while playing with the kids and cooking dinner, you’re bound to get stressed.

Keep all areas of your life in balance with a personal schedule every week, and stick to it!

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