5 Ways to Celebrate Your Pet

Our pets give us a lot great amount of joy, companionship, and love. They help us through the bad times without even knowing how much we depend on them. They welcome us with wagging tails or soft rubs against the leg. Pets provide a deep level of comfort that being more and more recognized in easing stress and anxiety. They even recognize health issues before you see it yourself.

In celebration of all that our pets give us, we have several holidays dedicated to the love of our pets. There are many days for pets, more than I ever realized! I’m going to mention a few, but if you’re curious, check out this ultimate list. February 20th is Love Your Pet Day, April 11 is National Pet Day, and May is National Pet Month.  By looking at the huge list of different days and months dedicated to our pets, it’s obvious how important our fur babies are to us. Here are some ways you can celebrate your pets:

Ideas to Celebrate Your Pet

1. Get a Portrait Made

What better way to celebrate than a portrait of your dog. It can be something to remind of how much your dog means to you. Not only now but for years, even after they have crossed the rainbow bridge,  you’ll have a dog portrait to remember them by. WonderStreet also creates family portraits, couple portraits, and horse portraits. Portraits like these are cherished by families for generations.

2. Make Home Made Pet Treats

It’s surprisingly easy to follow a recipe and create home treats for your pets. If you can bake cookies, you can make dog or cat treats made from scratch with a few ingredients. Puppy Leaks has a list of 25 recipes to get you started.  Below is a video to make cat treats too:

3. Give Your Pet a Play Area

For a cat, create an outdoor space where they can play and sun themselves in the safety of an enclosed space. For you dog, try out new toys in the backyard. Some dogs love learning new things like running through an agility course. Going through hoops or tunnels, jumping over or running between poles. It’s great exercise for your dogs and helps you bond with one another. Even little pets love having new places to explore and play.

4. Have a Play Date

Invite your pooches friends over for some fun. You can make dog friendly cupcakes, set up pools to play in, and don’t forget lots of balls to chase and run after. Make sure your dogs is familiar with the others you invite so all will be happy and comfortable playing together. This is reserved for dogs mainly because cats, as well as smaller pets, usually don’t like having others they don’t know invade their space.

5. Pamper Your Pet

Give your pet some extra TLC and attention. Bath or brush, which ever is appropriate. Give them a message. Have some special playtime with a new toy or activity they’ll love.

For a small pet, they enjoy some special grooming too. Learn more about your special pets preferences and plan how to pamper your pet accordingly.

Remember to take some photos of your special day to make into a album or scrapbook and share on your social media accounts. This day is special for your pet but also very much for you to enjoy your special bond between you and your beloved dog, cat, or whatever pet you find dear.

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