5 Ways to Get the Perfect Industrial Look for Your Home

If you’ve paid any attention to the latest trends in home decorating, you know about the industrial look. The goal of this look is to maintain a “warehouse” feel using unexpected, raw materials to accomplish it. Today, making a space look unfinished is “in.”

So what are some easy things you can do to add a little industrial flair to your home? Whether you’re looking for new accent pieces or to do a little renovating, there are many ways to achieve this popular look.

1) Metal or Steel Furniture

The presence of metal and steel is a big indicator of an industrial look. If you find yourself in a home with exposed metal or pipes, having furniture to match can accentuate the exposed look.

One accessory you may consider in your home are steel table legs, like the ones at Symmetry Hardware. When you tell the company your dimensions and style, they make your table legs by hand and ship it to you. This method is perfect if you have a wooden table surface to place on top of the legs. Which brings us to our next point:

2) Wood

Another aspect of the industrial style is mixing metal and wood furnishings. This can give off that balance between vintage and modern look that interior designers love.

Reclaimed or distressed wood is a great choice, and it is often cheaper than other options. You want to show off an item’s history, rather than having a polished, perfect item in your home. Embracing the natural wear of an item matches the DIY feel that industrial looks bring.

3) Open Floor Plan

The open floor plan is all the rage in interior design these days. The idea is to see everything from the front door to the back wall. For this style, the open floor plan is used to give that warehouse look, like everything is wide open.

Many houses today are built with an open floor plan in mind. You can also find studio apartments that will naturally lend themselves to the industrial look. Otherwise, talk to a contractor about creating an open floor plan in your home.

4) Sectionals

If you already have an open floor plan, it is best to have a way to define each “room” in your house. This will keep it from feeling random and cluttered. A sectional couch is a great way to establish a living space in your apartment.

A kitchen island can achieve the same effect for the kitchen. Creating one out of reclaimed wood or other raw materials can help define your kitchen in a cohesive way. It also adds counter space.

5) Industrial Décor

You can find many examples of industrial decorative items to put in your living space. Anything that looks vintage or distressed may easily fit the bill, but it all depends on your preference.

Some ideas include vintage lighting fixtures like Edison bulbs and overhead lights. You may also consider old photographs or art pieces. Sculptures with metal or architectural elements fit the style and are popular among many people today.

In Conclusion

The industrial style is a truly unique invention of the 21st century. It’s no surprise that it’s stuck around to 2019. We should look forward to what will evolve from this look in the future!

Searching thrift and vintage stores for furniture is a cheap and effective way to find hidden gems. Those things can easily become the center piece of your living room, so don’t be afraid to branch out when it comes to choosing your accessories.

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