5 Ways to Make Your Spouse Feel Special

5 Ways to Make Your Spouse Feel Special

When days are long and weeks are busy, it can be easy to forget about the little things that make a marriage thrive. When life feels overwhelming, couples go weeks without acknowledging their love for one another. Although seasons of chemistry will always ebb and flow, love is a choice that each partner must commit to every day. For that reason, it is important that individuals are constantly playing an active role in the health of their relationship. Although a marriage is not built on surprises, small acts of kindness can make your partner feel valued and loved. In this article, we will share five ways to make your spouse feel special.

1. Give Detailed Compliments

When you have the opportunity, give your spouse a detailed compliment. Tell them a specific thing that you really appreciate about them either physically, emotionally, or mentally. When you give a compliment about a specific behavior, your partner will understand that you truly see them and value them on a daily basis. Apart from this, if you still feel unwanted and ignored and want them to feel the same for you then there are ways you can learn about Manifesting a specific person to have the same feelings towards you with the same devotion and love. Well, results can be different for everyone but still, you can give it a try.

2. Plan Surprise Dates

Quality time is the language of love for many people. By simply taking time to have an uninterrupted conversation, you will see your relationship begin to transform in a positive way. Whether you try a new restaurant or have a wine night on the patio, this intentional time spent together can be incredibly meaningful to your spouse.

3. Make Customized Gifts

There doesn’t need to be a holiday in order for you to purchase a gift for your partner. Small gifts can delight the person that you love. Gifts are a love language for many individuals. By giving small and personalized gifts on a regular basis, your partner will know that you always have them on your mind. You can put your own photo on a mug, create a photo book, or order art from a local artist.

4. Listen

Think about the things that frustrate you the most about your spouse. In moments of frustration, you likely do not feel that you have been heard or listened to. Rather than being passive-aggressive with your partner, play an active role in bettering the relationship. Listen to your spouse attentively. What are they struggling with? What are they excited about? By creating an atmosphere that promotes honest conversation and intentional listening, your partner will likely be more engaged to listen to you in the future.

5. Remember the Small Things

Oftentimes, we share information about our lives with the people we love. When our friends and family members do not follow up about the things that we have going on, we feel forgotten about. This sentiment is often felt in marriages. When your spouse tells you about a big deal at work, a friendship that is suffering, or a situation that they are nervous about, make sure to follow-up about those things. When you remember the small things, your spouse will know that you truly care for each part of their life.


In marriages, it can be easy to go through the motions. In reality, you need to play an active role in your relationship in order for it to continue growing and thriving. You can make your spouse feel valued by surprising them, being intentional with your time, and granting a listening ear. These efforts to make your spouse feel special transform your relationship.

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