5 Ways to Maximize Space in Overhead Garage Storages

5 Ways to Maximize Space in Overhead Garage Storages

Every house in a suburb has a garage. Garages can hold everything from daily use items to things that might look like trash but have a sentimental value and hence can’t be disposed of. Garages no matter how managed and maintained can run out of space giving owners the headache of throwing things away or organizing a garage sale. But there is an easy way to increase the capacity of your garage without any construction and that is to include overhead storage spaces.

Overhead garage storage is the way to increase the space in your garage. If you are looking for ways to increase overhead garage storages, then the following tips can be helpful:

  1. Utility Racks:

Utility racks are a great way of increasing space in your garage. These racks are designed to hold long handle tools, like a shovel, broom, sledgehammer, and all the related items. These tools take up a lot of space in a garage, but if they were hung on these utility racks they will not only give a sleek look to your garage but also save space. Utility racks can be bought from any market but if not available hooks on walls will do the same.

  1. Pegboards:

If you visit a car mechanic, you will notice all the tools on a pegboard. You can also use them in your garage to hang all the tools like screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, and other such things. Pegboards look good in a garage as they give off a neat and organized look, add in a table and you will have your little workshop. As with the utility racks, you can also use hooks to hang your tools on the walls

  1. Overhead Racks:

This might be the only thing you need when it comes to overhead storage options. Measure the garage wall where you want it installed, head to the supermarket, and buy according to your dimensions. They are easy to assemble and install and can hold several items. They have a sturdy structure and can hold a lot of weight but ensure that you do not overload them. These racks when installed will clear up the floor of your garage giving it a neat look.

  1. Box Everything:

Overhead racks serve their purpose when everything is organized. This means items small in size can be packed in boxes and placed on the overhead rack. Small things clutter a garage, so if they are neatly boxed away and placed in the racks, it will free up some space.

  1. Install Nets:

Like every hack needs a smart approach this one needs it too. If your overhead storage is getting filled use a net. There are nets available in the market for this particular reason. Nets are a great way of increasing space in a garage as they can hold many items and you don’t have to install the complete rack stand.

Overhead garage storage looks very nice if done properly. Remember, before installing these overhead storage spaces, take proper measurements and select the best place where it doesn’t restrict your day-to-day movement.

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