5 Ways to Prepare Your Home For Short Rentals

It’s the new year and your goal is to travel more, but all travels come at a cost. Plus, what will you do with your home while you’re gone? Using your home as a rental while you are gone is a smart way to make money while you are busy traveling. Plus, it becomes part of your disposable income, money you can use on flights, food, and souvenirs. However, some measures must be taken before your home is ready for new guests. Here are five ways you can prepare your home for rental visits.

1. Pest Control

Even if you’ve never had a history of pests, pest control is a wise security measure to take. If one of your renters notices pests, they might leave you a bad review and other people may not want to stay in your home. Indoor and outdoor pest control will limit the number of bugs that may take refuge in your home during colder months or your backyard when the weather is warmer. Outdoor pest control also helps keep your trees and shrubs safe from insects feeding on them, and properties with nice landscaping appeal to potential renters.

2. New Amenities

If you’ve been hanging on to the same furniture and appliances for the last 20 years, opening your home for rent is a good excuse to upgrade. It may seem counter-intuitive to spend money on furniture you won’t be using as much, but that doesn’t mean your renters won’t appreciate it. People who use short term rentals could be using a hotel, but they are choosing your home instead, this doesn’t mean they don’t expect the niceties of a hotel, though. So upgrading, whether it’s to a theme or an increased level of comfort, may help you have happier renters.

3. Locks

With short term rentals, you have to think ahead especially if you’ll be traveling while people are staying in your home. Will you have someone there, like a property manager, to greet them and give them a key? Will you leave the door unlocked? Many short-term rentals use pass code keys for their guests. This way guests don’t accidentally take keys or lose them later. It also allows you to switch the code often.

4. Property Manager

Employing a property manager for a short term rental isn’t a bad idea. If anything goes wrong with your home while renters are there and you are away, there is someone available to take care of the problem. Property managers also help with accepting reservations, as well as cleaning and restocking items after renters leave. Having a property manager is wise if you plan on being away from your rental property while renters are there.

5. Marketing

Before you can jet off and leave your home in the hands of a property manager and fill it with renters, you have to market it first. Marketing your home on rental websites like airbnb.com or flipkey.com makes it easy for people looking for a vacation rental to find your home. Having professional photos taken of your rooms, location, and amenities will entice renters to reserve and stay in your home. Marketing your home should also include wisely listing the price based on the number of rooms you have available, your location, and your competition.⁠ Know the rent rates of other people in the area.

If you are ready to travel and make money while you do it, prep your home for short term rentals⁠. You just might love this new adventure.

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