5 Ways to Reuse Candle Jars


5 Ways to Reuse Candle Jars

The candles have a unique property to light up life. Colored candles that are infused with scents and aromatic flowers are a rage in the market as they are a perfect gift. There is the easy availability of these candle jars wholesale and retail in the stores near you. Even e-commerce has a wide range of beautiful aroma-filled candles for your pick.

Couples all over the world spend their quality time with these candles around them. These lovely candles are wholeheartedly gifted, that is why the leftover jar cannot be parted with.

So, what can be done with a leftover candle jar?

These jars can be cleaned nicely using tricks from the internet. After cleaning them there are some innovative ways to use the emptied candle jars.

Here are a few ways to upcycle an old candle jar:

Make a new candle

It is the easiest one, as a fresh candle jar out of the old finished candle can be made in very little time. The appealing design of the jar is its USP. Turning a waste jar into a DIY candle will bring out your creative side as well as it will lessen the carbon imprint on the earth. You will need wax and fragrances and a new wick.

Melting the all-purpose wax and adding your favorite color will bring a new shine to the old candle container when filled. Voila! A beautiful, scented candle is ready to use in the bedroom or the bathroom.

Tea light stand

An empty candle jar works best if the purpose is the same with a little twist. The candle jars are placed in different fashions on the side or center table. They are in charge of making the environment soothing.

An evening with this décor is ready to calm down your nerves and complete your day. If a circular tealight is inserted in a clean empty candle jar, the look is awesome. You will love the patio table decorated with it. It works best if placed centrally in your drawing-room.

Candy storage jars

Visually appealing sweet candy jars are a yes for any kitchen counter. You can store all the tasty candies in these jars and place them in an array to make your kitchen the most loved place for your kids. the candies that are peeping through these glass jars will attract sweet lovers instantly. The kids can be tricked into eating nutritious food using these candies as prizes. Even the adults can get a treat if they have a sweet tooth because there is a child in every man.

Planter ideas

People are indulged in buying these at candle jar wholesale prices. So, the leftovers are a lot.

Small succulents can find their home in these cute little glass candle jars. Succulents are little plants that need very little watering and can stay indoors with partial sunlight of 1-2 hours. Cacti, foliage, or leafy succulents do best in warm climates inside the room.

Repurposing a glass jar for decorating small plants gives an aesthetic value to your house décor. If you are a creative garden person, you will surely find ways to fill the glass jar with pebbles, moss and make it a terrarium. They can work as a hanging planters also if the right rope equipment is attached to them.

Glass coin jar

Recycling a candle jar into a coin collector is an innovative idea. It can be placed near the entrance on a table. The change makes a clinking sound when you place it in the jar. So, the spare change in your purse or the pockets can be collected in these jars and can be counted after the month is over. It is sure to add up for a small treat. Feng shui recommends that it attracts positive energy to your home.


There are many more ideas we can share for optimum use of candle jars. The color coordination and size of the jar can be a limiting factors. But the jars with lids are sure to make a comeback in the house with a renewed look. So, don’t wait back and don your creative hats and convert your candle jar into something that you will love.


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