5 Wheelbarrow Uses You Never Thought Of

The wheelbarrow is believed to have been invented by the Chinese, a long time ago! Indeed, the basic design – the single wheel at the front – hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years. A useful item in the garden, wheelbarrows are also used widely in the construction industry as well as in many other areas and remain a popular and usable device.

You will, of course, associate the wheelbarrow with gardening, but what other uses are there for this clever item? You may be surprised at some of the uses for a wheelbarrow that we have come across, so let’s talk about some of the usual, and the more unusual!

Moving Wood

You most likely use your wheelbarrow for moving stuff around – perhaps dirt and debris that you need out of the way – but their wheelbarrow is especially useful for moving wood. If you are pruning trees, for example, the wood you cut back will fall to the ground, and you want to move it.

You can place the barrow beneath where you are cutting – or nearby if that is not possible – and let the wood fall into the barrow. From there, you can wheel it to the storage point or to a fire or disposal location with ease, cutting back on the time you spend on the job.


If you want to add some drama and styling to your garden, landscaping is a great way to do it. You might think it difficult, but if you keep things on a small scale, you can create a small hill or raised area quite easily. You will need a wheelbarrow for moving earth, stone, and whatever else you are using to create your landscaped area from its point of origin to the place you are working on, and it will make your life a lot easier!

Once you have your hill, bank, or raised area set up, you can also use the barrow to transport the plants you are going to grow to the area, so you don’t have to make a lot of trips. There are some further summer gardening tips that might give you ideas from the National Trust who run a large number of quality gardens in the UK – it’s well worth reading!

Construction Work

Wheelbarrows are a vital tool in even the smallest of construction jobs. Let’s say you are laying a patio. You can use the wheelbarrow to transport the pavings and concrete, plus tools and other material that might be necessary for the job at hand. You can also use a wheelbarrow for mixing the cement and other, so you may wish to have more than one wheelbarrow available.

We recommend you use an older one for the mixing, and you clean it out thoroughly very soon afterward, in order that the concrete cannot set – once it does, it will be very difficult to remove! We have further used for older, tired, and worn wheelbarrows, as you will see when you read on!

Have Fun!

Now this one is out of the ordinary and needs some safety precautions, but why not have some fun with friends – or with your children – by having people around for a wheelbarrow race? The safety precaution should involve those in the barrow wearing a hard hat – or a cycle helmet – and you can race around a straight or designated course, and it really will be great fun!

Wheelbarrow relay races are also an excellent idea, as they add an extra element! You might not think we’re serious, but what’s the harm in using a garden item to enjoy yourself in a fun and frivolous way? As long as you’re careful you’ll have a lot of fun for free!

After They’ve Served the Purpose

A wheelbarrow will last you many years – especially the metal type which will be galvanized and very durable – but eventually, they become battered and start to look tired, and that’s when you decide you want a new one. Whatever you do, don’t throw the old one away as it can be used in many ways!

A wheelbarrow filled with compost and planted up can make an excellent feature in a garden. As it becomes even more weathered, it will look as though it more natural in its position, and you will have it to enjoy year after year. Or, if it is not full of holes, put water in it for the birds or for animals to use. You can even paint old wheelbarrows to look the part with great effect!

Wheelbarrows are a great tool for the garden and, as we’ve seen above, for many other things too, and we’re sure that you can think of some more unusual uses to add to the list we’ve given you! Meanwhile, enjoy your garden, and use that wheelbarrow to make things easier for you.

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