6 Advantages of Instant Gas Hot Water System

There are plenty of water heating systems around which include solar energy, electricity, and gas. With so many choices, sometimes it can be challenging to choose the most appropriate for your water heating needs. However, you need to select a heating system that keeps your home safer and comfortable. Instant gas hot water unit is one of the best hot water systems that can help achieve your water heating needs, especially during cold seasons. Instantaneous gas water heating system has several advantages which have made it a popular choice for many households. Here are some of the top benefits.

Cleaner Water

There has always been a debate on whether instant gas water heating is better than ordinary water heaters that use stored water. The truth is that the tankless gas heater is a better option since it heats water directly from the piping system, thus providing cleaner water. On the other hand, heating water stored in tanks is prone to rust and harmful decomposition that may lead to health issues. Remember that the more the water stays in the tank, the more its quality declines. However, sometimes instant gas water heating systems consume considerably more energy as compared to tank water heating.

Fast Water Heating

When it comes to water heating speed, tankless water heating is a leader. Instant gas water heating boils water twice as fast as the electric water heater. Similarly, the gas heating systems recover almost instantly, making it ideal for a continuous supply of hot water. This means that you will have hot water, depending on your current demand at any time. Most importantly, it allows you to regulate the water heating temperature according to different room temperature levels. Therefore, if your family is extended, or you have a larger family, a gas water heater can be an excellent choice.

Saves Space

The gas hot water unit does not require as much space as the tank water systems. Ideally, they are installed indoors or outdoors by being mounted on the wall. This means that the gas heating systems save a significant amount of space and looks more appealing as compared to larger tanks that consume a lot of space. Most importantly, the gas hot water units can be mounted to various smaller areas such as closets and cupboards, where it is impossible to fix the larger tanks.

Safe and Convenient

Safety is paramount in any family setting, and that is what a gas water heating system provides. Since the system is tankless and does not have an exposed flame pilot, they are said to be safer than tank-based water heating systems with twist knob adjustments. Similarly, gas water heating systems have built-in electronic temperature regulating systems, which make it more reliable and more convenient.

Durable with Less Maintenance Demands

Another great advantage of the tankless system is that it lasts for longer than the tank-based water heating system. Mostly, an average traditional tank water heating system can stay up to ten years, while the gas hot water system can last up to twenty years. Similarly, each component of the tankless unit is independent and can be serviced independently without having to dismantle the whole system. On the other hand, the traditional tank water heater calls for high maintenance costs. From leakages, corrosion, to blowing out of pilot lamps, maintaining a tank-based heater can be energy and time-consuming.

Saves Energy

Traditional tank-based water heating systems consume a lot of energy to maintain the desired temperature of the water in the tank. The continuous consumption of energy results in the wastage of energy. But the gas hot water units use energy on-demand, thus saving energy of up to thirty percent depending on particular projects.

Minimizes Energy Costs

In many cases, a gas hot water system may experience loss of heat that occurs as a result of exhaust gases and tank walls. However, sometimes electric water systems are more efficient in energy consumption. But when it comes to energy costs, gas water heaters are relatively cheaper to operate and maintain. This is because obtaining natural gas is less expensive as compared to electricity. However, you may pay much more upfront costs for gas heaters than their electronic counterparts, but in terms of operation and maintenance costs, the gas system covers the amount in a short time.


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