6 Amazing Slack Hacks That Will Boost Your Productivity

Slack is a great tool that many of us use to message our colleagues and clients at work. It helps keep us connected, organized, and in contact with our customers. Even though Slack is already amazing, there are some tricks and hacks you can use to boost your productivity and speed whilst using the app. Use these six amazing slack hacks to boost your workday today!

6 Amazing Slack Hacks That Will Boost Your Productivity

Use Slack For SMS Customer Service…

Did you know you can integrate SMS into Slack? Well, you can! Using software like the pros over at Clerk.Chat use, you can integrate any mobile number you like into your Slack channel. Then, you can have those texts go straight to a particular colleague or into the main workflow for everyone to work from. Then, your customer service team can dive into replying to customers and assisting them directly within Slack.

…And SMS Marketing

Once you have SMS integrated with your mobile number and Slack, it can also help your marketing teams. SMS marketing is a big part of any sales-based company. Slack can save all the numbers your teams have interacted with, allowing for timed, strategic marketing SMS messages sent directly from your Slack app! For more creative ways to use SMS Marketing, check out this article about “what is SMS geofencing“.

Use Quick Commands

Slack has a vast amount of quick commands built into it. These shortcuts allow you to work harder and faster without clicking around the app too much to find what it is you need to do. They all start with a ‘/’ which lets Slack know you’re typing a command. For example, ‘/away’ quickly toggles your status to ‘away’ or swaps back to active from said status.

Slackbot Reminders

Slackbot is the program’s built-in chatbot. It’s easy to pass Slackbot by without ever using it to its full potential. But that would be a mistake! To make your life easier and more productive, have Slackbot organize your day! Another short command; simply type ‘/remind’ followed by whatever you need reminding of. Slackbot will then give you a reminder at the right time!

Schedule DND’s

DND (do not disturb) is a commonly used status within Slack. It blocks notifications and lets people know that you’re not available to chat right now. Slack actually allows you to schedule DND statuses. Have a regular weekly meeting on a Tuesday? Set Slack to auto DND on those days. This means you save time every Tuesday, will never forget to set your status, and never be disturbed during a meeting.

Harness The Search Bar

Finally, the search function. Searching within Slack is superior to many other similar apps. There are simple commands including ‘from:’, ‘includes:’, and ‘on:’ which all give detailed results. The best part is, once you start typing, Slack starts to develop a more complicated and advanced search for you, offering you suggestions on completing the search bar effectively and efficiently.


These six tips are just some of the great ways to harness the power of Slack. They are our favorites and will certainly help you become far more efficient and productive at work. We hope they help you integrate Slack into your workflow better!

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