6 Applications of Hydraulic Hoses

6 Applications of Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic hoses are essentially hoses that transport or convey hydraulic fluids either to or between hydraulic components. These hydraulic fluids deliver “energy” or power to the operating machine which is essential for the machine in order for it to work. These components typically include valves and actuators and one can gain access to top-quality hydraulics hoses and fittings from 1800 HOSE VAN. Hydraulic hoses are pretty agile and are reinforced to ensure strength while maintaining flexibility. Since hydraulic systems operate at extremely high pressures, it is absolutely necessary that they are made with multiple layers of reinforcement. They can stretch over long distances and can also be bent to fit around corners.

Hydraulic hoses are integral components of any given hydraulic system and listed below are a few of their applications:

Hydraulic hoses are used in construction equipment

In order to ensure the quality of the buildings constructed and to ensure the safety of the workers, raw material used to produce construction equipment needs to be of the best possible quality. Hydraulic hoses are used in construction equipment and related machinery extensively and especially in excavators, trucks, scrapers, road pavers, dumpers, tractors, bulldozers, and sweepers.

Hydraulic hoses are used in agricultural equipment

The agricultural industry employs high-strength and high-power equipment and items such as harvesters and trucks and spreaders employ hydraulic hoses. Industries and production units that manufacture fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, etc. also feature hydraulic hoses.

Hydraulic hoses are used in factories and industries

Almost all factories and industries use hydraulic power units in their daily operations, and needless to say, these units feature hydraulic hoses extensively. In addition to that, processing equipment, milling machines, assembly line mechanisms, presses, and machinery featuring robotics also extensively use hydraulic hoses.

Hydraulic hoses are used in ice and snow trucks

Ice and snow trucks require a lot of strength and power in their operations because not only do they deal with heavy snow in harsh weather conditions, they also operate in very cold temperatures. Snow and ice trucks and related equipment feature hydraulic hoses in plows, spreaders, dumpers, and spinners.

Hydraulic hoses are used in the oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry is a very sensitive one and the equipment used is design carefully to ensure maximum safety of its workers. Equipment used in the oil and gas industry such as drillers, drill rigs, cranes, and inspection machinery uses hydraulic hoses extensively.

Hydraulic hoses are used in mining equipment

Mining is a big industry that supports the GDP and economy of many countries. Mining equipment needs to be made with utter care and with top-notch quality raw materials to ensure the safety of miners. Mining equipment such as excavators, drilling machines, roof bolters, rock dusters, scoops, and shuttle cars all include the use of hydraulic hoses in one form or another.

While hydraulic hoses may seem like an insignificant component in our daily lives, they are in fact extremely important. They are used in almost all things that touch or influence our lives on a daily basis and are used extensively in the world we live and reside in.

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