6 Creative Designs For Your Bathroom

Your bathroom may be the smallest room in your house, but that does not make it any less complicated to design. Despite being one of the most used rooms in any house, it can still be easily hidden under piles of towels, pipes, and tiles. That shouldn’t be the case; instead, it should be designed and styled well to be a focal point in your house.

Before you start redesigning or renovating your bathroom, you need to do lots of research and consider all the room’s technical aspects, including the architecture, plumbing structure, and layout. Also, work with experts to avoid significant problems. When designing, you should keep your reasons for redesigning in mind whether that’s to hide hideous pipes, make the room feel more spacious, or boost the aesthetics. Here are a few creative ideas to design a beautiful and functional bathroom.

1. Box in the Pipes

Although exposed pipework and industrial finishes are very trendy right now, not everyone is buying the idea. But before you go fiddling with pipes, consult a professional plumber to ensure you avoid leaks and ruined flooring. You can conceal pipes around your sink using bathroom furniture or building around them. This not only beautifies your bathroom but it also doubles up as extra storage for your towels and other toiletries.

2. Keep the Toilet Out Of Sight

If possible, your toilet should not be the first thing people see when they enter the bathroom. It is unsightly and makes your bathroom look considerably smaller than it is. You want your toilet out of sight until somebody is inside. A wall-hung toilet is also an excellent addition to your bathroom that ensures the more unsightly pipework and cistern are placed inside the wall behind. Consider having your wall-hung toilet perfectly fitted by the professional and highly experienced plumbers at Conrad Martens Plumbing Brisbane. They will ensure that the toilet is well-fitted, and the cistern can be accessed at any time in case of issues or emergencies. This toilet creates a clean, minimal look with a sleek and modern finish.

3. Make Your Vanity a Focal Point

A vanity unit combines a sink and storage into one unit that saves space and gives your bathroom an upgrade without trying too hard. The vanity area is a diverse space that you can highlight and style using natural timber or stone, unique tiles, organically shaped basins, and brass taps. It can be personalized to match your style and mirrors complement the space well.

4. Get Flattering Lighting

Great lighting plays a vital role in your bathroom. Depending on the room’s size, you need a few different light sources to make the room pretty and functional. The best thing you can do is maximize natural light by allowing in as much of it as possible. Organize your furniture wisely to ensure that light is not blocked, and it can bounce around well. Finally, incorporate both bright and warm lights in your bathroom as it calls for both on different occasions.

5. Open Out Space

The Australian Building Codes board recommends that doors to fully enclose sanitary compartments open outside or slide if there is less than 1.2m clear space around the doorway. The two open up your space well and make it quite inviting. It would be best if you also considered switching up your curtain for a glass door as it adds unique lighting and is pretty enchanting.

6. Incorporate Various Mirrors

Adding mirrors in your space is a timeless design option that many use to reflect light around the room and create an illusion of more space. You could consider mirroring a whole wall. And if you do not have enough space to mirror an entire wall, you can add several mirrors on one wall or different walls. Your bathroom is a very delicate space; when handled wrong, will cost you too much. You need the right partners and experts to handle everything for you while ensuring you get the most value for your money. The partner you choose should be experienced, reliable, and able to offer detailed accountability on invoices and complete service history for your renovation.


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