6 Creative Ways Managers Can Use To Reduce Various Business Costs

Your main goals as the manager in any business are to get maximum profit in your business. For this reason, you strive to win more customers in the business and increase your sales for the sake of your profit. However, you may have more customers than your competitors and still fail to make as much profit as you expect. 

Business expenses are a major factor that could keep you from making the profit that you expect to make. Therefore, as a wise manager, you need to learn how to reduce the business costs that you incur and in turn, maximize your profits. Here are several ways through which you can cut the costs in your business and record more profit.

Consider Hiring as Opposed to Buying Equipment

Buying working equipment is one of the major business cost that takes up a lot of money. However, some of the equipment that you buy may not be worth the investment that you make. This is because you will need to use them only once, and then they head to the store. To help you save on costs, you can consider hiring such equipment instead of buying it. Compare the dry hire vs wet hire costs and go for that which you feel is more economical.

Since the hiring cost is lower than the buying cost, hiring will save you a fortune. However, if it is equipment that you use almost every day, buying it will be cheaper in the long run. 

Negotiate with Suppliers

More often than not, suppliers will have different prices for different customers. If your suppliers feel that you are able to pay even the highest price for their goods, they sell their products at the highest rate. Therefore, if you feel that the price of the goods you are buying is high, negotiate with your supplier and settle for a lower price. 

You could also request for discounts and bonuses, especially for high purchases. You can also look for suppliers who are ready to offer the same as your current supplier but at a lower price.

Automate Whatever Possible

A big portion of the money that you spend in your business is spent on employees. This goes to their salaries and other bonus and holiday offers that you give them. This means that if you do away with some employees, you can save a lot in the business. This is possible by automating the tasks they do and retrenching them. For instance, you could get software that does the accounts in your office instead of hiring an employee to do the same. 

Reduce Utility Bills

Utility bills such as water & energy bills carry a big portion of business costs. This is because, in business, few people are concerned with reducing these costs. If you come up with a system to help you reduce the amount spent to pay such utility bills, you will realize an increase in your profit. Some of these methods are such as buying energy-efficient equipment.

Consider Social Media Advertising

Marketing is a major expense in most businesses. Since it is not advisable to avoid marketing, you can save money by reducing the amount that you spend on advertising. Social media advertising is one way through which you can save money. You’ll get the best return on your efforts by using an experienced person to launch and manage your social media marketing. They can also help you overall online presence to build you an online customer audience through your website, email campaigns, and social media. 

This is because you reach out to more prospective customers through social media without spending a lot. Therefore, opt for this method and record more profit.

Cut Down Meetings in The Company

Meetings are necessary for you and your employees to move together. However, if these meetings are overdone, they end up causing more harm than good. The more the time you spend in meetings, the less the time you spend working, thus reducing the productivity. On the other hand, meetings might have extra costs such as accommodation costs among others that will fall in the business expenses. Therefore, strive to cut down on meetings and have them only when it is completely necessary.


Whether you are a manager in a small or big business, you are probably looking forward to cutting down costs as possible. Although this may seem tricky, you can succeed in it by employing several techniques. Do consider using the tips above to help you maximize profit by reducing business costs.

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