6 Creative Ways to Advertise for Your Start-Up Company

So, you’ve started your own company. Congratulations! Now comes the hard part. Whether you are selling a high-quality service or a product, you should know how to advertise your company. Luckily, you don’t have to understand ad agencies to market your business. Here are 6 fun ways to promote your own company.

1) Design Your Own Water Bottle Label

One unique way to promote your business? Custom water bottle labels. Everybody needs to drink water, so this is a marketing technique that will appeal to everyone. You can hand out free water bottles with the company name on them to take advantage of this simple fact.

You can order personalized water bottles online from companies like the Crystal Beverage Company. You can have a wide variety of different water bottle shapes like ribbed or smooth, and you can design your own water bottle shape.

2) Buy Car Magnets

To give your business some exposure, put your logo on a car magnet. You can easily place these on the company car or give them out to employees.

You can also buy window decals or bumper stickers based on your preference. Get custom printing services San Diego. You could also have all three to add variety and introduce different designs on each medium.

3) Invest in Business Cards

You can impress many people with a high-quality business card. Picking the design and the paper to go with it can make this simple marketing tool your own.

Business cards are great for mixers or to give out to friends and family. Many companies put them up on cork boards in local businesses. The variety of ways you can present the cards to prospective clients makes this method an investment with great return potential and minimum expenses.

6 Creative Ways to Advertise for Your Start-Up Company

4) Host an Online Contest

Everybody likes free stuff. That’s why many people participate in online contests, especially on social media. All you have to do is give a prize for sharing your company’s post. Depending on the prize you give out, this advertising method is almost entirely free.

You can set up a contest on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. In general, a strong social media presence is a great way to get out the word about your company. One way to increase social media presence on Instagram is through buying or gaining natural Instagram views. You can click here for views if you are really serious to improve your presence. There are services available to increase Instagram followers. Look for one that increases you audience with real followers that would want your product.

5) Write Great Content

You can manage your own website and write great content for free. Writing blogs, reviews, and guides related to your product or service can help attract people to your website and what you’re offering.

If you’re not a writer yourself, you can hire someone to manage your social media and write content for you. Using one person or a team for the job can help keep your website cohesive.

6) Make Your Own Videos

People love to watch videos on the internet, especially if they have entertainment value or give information in some way. You can produce video content related to your business and post it online to attract an audience of your choice.

You can hire a team of people to shoot videos for your website or YouTube channel. You can even shoot and edit them yourself to save money, if you feel up to the task. A lot of the time, you can make a professional video using just a smartphone. Or to have more features, such as a new text to speech software here, you’ll be able to create professional videos for your business.

In Conclusion

There are so many more options for advertising other than buying ad spaces. These are just 6 creative ways you can get started on making your product or service more popular than ever.

Don’t be afraid to try new things and get yourself out there. Most people are inclined to buy from companies with a friendly, positive presentation. What’s most important is maintaining your own integrity and delivering a great product with a smile on your face.

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