6 Different Heartfelt Messages to Put in Your Mum’s Birthday Card

6 Different Heartfelt Messages to Put in Your Mum's Birthday Card

It can seem like there are never enough good things to say about your mum. Although you may try, it can be hard to find the perfect message that helps you articulate what you love about her in a birthday card. Taking the time to think about what unique messages you can write down may help you as you craft the perfect gift.

1. Thank Her

One way to impress and flatter anyone is to tell them that you appreciate all they’ve done for you. This is no different for your mother, and taking time out of your day to craft a card that details all the times she’s cared for you and how she’s impacted your life can make her feel loved. It does not have to be an extremely long message, but mentioning a special moment between you two is one way to make her feel treasured.

2. Make a Loving Joke

If there is a funny running joke that you share with your mother, then this birthday card may be a perfect time to write it down. Not only will it make her laugh, but it will help your message stand out from a more common one and add a bit of humour to a happy celebration. This extra creativity in your birthday card for mum can show how much you care and pay attention to what kind of humour she likes.

3. Talk About the Past

Mentioning a specific time you spent in one another’s company, such as a class you took together or a vacation you both went on, can help bring back good feelings from that time. You could discuss why you loved that activity and why you want to do it again at some point in the future. Be honest and use expressive words in order to show just how much it impacted you and why you love her.

4. Be Honest

It may feel scary to be vulnerable while talking about how much you love your mum, but you can write a very meaningful message if you take the time to be honest and open. Talking about how much you care about her guidance, her love, and her warmth can make this birthday an unforgettable one for you both. Being sentimental in a written card is a common way to show these feelings. Writing a birthday message is a great opportunity to sit down and think about what really matters to you and how to express it.

5. Keep It Simple

Although some people may enjoy long messages with many details and lots of inside jokes, others may prefer simple messages that are short but powerful. Saying “I love you” along with a few other well wishes and positive thoughts may be enough for you both. If you pick out a card with a highly decorated design on the front, then you may want to add in a short personalized message on the inside instead of a long one.

6. Add in a Quote

Sometimes, the message you want to state to your mum is already said beautifully by someone else. Adding in a quote from a famous author or poet may help you get your point across with style and kindness. You could even add in an abridged part of a longer quote that you both love. If you still want to make your own remarks, it’s always possible to add in a short line talking about your love for her at the end to round out the card. Taking the time to write in nice calligraphy can help make the card even more meaningful and gorgeous.

A birthday card is an opportunity to show your mum how much she means to you. Consider your mother’s personality and interests when crafting your message.

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