6 Efficient Tips to Help You Organize a Small Closet

6‌ ‌Efficient‌ ‌Tips‌ ‌to‌ ‌Help‌ ‌You‌ ‌Organize‌ ‌a‌ ‌Small‌ ‌Closet‌ ‌

There is nothing more frustrating than scouring your closet for an outfit when you’re already late getting out the door. Unfortunately, small closets are easy to overfill, which means that they can become messy quickly. If you have not been blessed with a luxuriously large closet, don’t despair. There are many ways you can organize a small space to fit in more items. Here are a few top tips to help you maximize your closet and make it feel more spacious.

Store Seasonal Clothes Separately

Organize your closet according to the seasons and invest in storage boxes for out-of-season garments. Rather than stuffing everything into one space, you can store them under your bed or elsewhere in your home.

Remove Clothes That Don’t Fit

Trying on old clothes and finding that they still don’t fit like they used to can be incredibly disheartening, so why do it to yourself? Sort through your closet and separate the clothes that you haven’t touched in years. If your old items are still in good condition, then donate them to a charity shop so that someone else can get some use out of them.

Add Hooks for Accessories

Accessories such as belts, scarves, and purses come in different shapes and sizes, which makes them difficult to organize. Make the most of the closet walls, doors, and even the hanger rod, by using handy hooks. By hanging them up separately, you can stop them from losing shape.

Fold Clothes Properly

Master the art of saving space by learning how to fold clothes like Marie Kondo. From hefty winter sweaters to socks and underwear, the decluttering queen has a folding suggestion for everything. By implementing her techniques you will find that you have a lot more leftover closet space, and you will be able to identify individual garments more efficiently, too.

Use Hangers Effectively

Compared to folding, hanging up clothes can take up a lot of space. However, most people own a few garments that cannot be folded. For example, a beautiful silk dress and a crisp shirt should most definitely not be folded and stuffed into a closet. If you hang a lot of clothes, you can organize them by reverse hanging the garments you wear the least. This will help you differentiate your clothes, and can save time when you’re looking for something to wear. Additionally, the type of hanger you use can make a huge difference. Wooden hangers look beautiful in a closet and they can help extend the life of your clothes. On the other hand, cheap, bendy hangers can distort shape and stain garments. Mainetti offers different types of high-quality hangers and accessories. Visit their website for the best wooden hangers bulk buy.

Maximize Empty Space

Following on from the previous point, you can further maximize your closet by making use of the empty space beneath hanging clothes. Create valuable floor space by separating your closet into a long-hanging and a short-hanging section. A shoe rack or a compact dresser can be added beneath your short-hanging garments.

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