6 Factors That Will Affect Your Moving Cost

6 Factors That Will Affect Your Moving Cost

Are you planning to move? Having an accurate idea of your total moving cost is vital. You will be able to develop a plan and have various means of how to save money. The following factors are ideal in determining the cost you will incur on your moving day.

The Distance Of The Move

Distance is the main factor that affects the cost of any move, especially when you are moving out of state. Movers Raleigh use distance as part of their calculations when they estimate cost. They check if the move is interstate or intrastate. Interstate moves are more expensive than intrastate. The moving company has to get all the needed licenses for swift operation. The company will need a valid insurance cover and a US Department of Transport number. All these extra costs to the company will filter down to you as the customer for the service. Intrastate moving may not need these additional licensing, making it cheaper.

Moving Services

The type of service provided is crucial in pricing an interstate moving company. Many companies have many services to choose from, which have different costs. A basic service provided is to collect your packed property and ferry them to the new home. Such a service is cheap since the company does little work. In the pavement-to-pavement service, the company will pick your items to ferry. They leave them outside your new home. When you go for extra services like packing, the cost goes up. The company will pack for your property. It’s essential when moving over long distances and you have precious items. The packing service fee will be high if the size to move is enormous. The more things that need packing, the more expensive it becomes. Fragile and large items will also increase the cost.

Size Of The Property On The Move

A company will inquire about the size of the move when you seek moving services. Property size affects the total number and type of vehicles the company will need. It also affects the duration the move will take. The more the items to move, the more expensive it becomes. For long-distance moving, consider the weight of your move. Heavy items lead to higher costs. A company does an in-home estimate where they inspect the items to move to know their value and weight. Check the size of your new home. If your things are hard to navigate, then the moving cost will be high. If the new home is a story building without a lift, charges will be higher as it will be harder to lift your items to the house.

Time Of Move

Moving at the time demand for moving services is high will be expensive. Moving in the summer months and holidays is costly than on other days. If it’s not urgent, wait for off-peak seasons and move. Moving on weekdays is cheap than moving on weekends. Move in the last two weeks of the month to get affordable services.

Accommodation Expenses

In long-distance moving, it’s possible to arrive earlier than your items. You need to find a place to spend a night as you wait for the property. It’s another vital aspect that will affect your moving budget.


Several factors affect the moving cost. Some of them are easy to determine, while others are easy to forget. Take your time to prepare well and develop some ways to reduce the moving cost but get quality service. If your move is urgent, you may pay more to fit in with the moving company schedule in place.

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