6 Garden Maintenance to Try This Year

Many people who spend most of their time outdoors in the garden understand how important it is to take good care such a space. With a beautiful and well-maintained garden, you create a serene environment in which you can relax. Apart from offering a cool environment, a garden can be used to host special events such as barbecues and outdoor parties.

However, for you to have a beautiful and well-kept garden you need to know how to effectively maintain it. To help make your garden maintenance easier and fun, here are 6 tips that will help you maintain a beautiful garden throughout the year.

Be keen on spacing

When selecting plants as well as planting them you need to carefully space them. This will reduce the time you will have to spend weeding and maintaining them. If you do not want many plants, plant at least two types of plants. If you have a plant bed in your garden, ensure that you mulch the plants to prevent weed seeds from sprouting.

Water your plants

Like any other plants, garden plants require enough moisture to thrive. You can either use a hosepipe or watering can to water the soil and your garden plants. You can also install an irrigation system if you rarely have time to do the watering yourself. Gently water your garden plants to avoid damaging them. Avoid watering leaves or plant heads and only focus on watering the soil and ensuring that its’ moist, especially during the summer time. This reduces the chances of mold formation and the time spent watering your plants.

Water at the right time

How frequently and the time you water your plants depends on the weather and the type of plants you have. When it’s hot, water your plants at least 1-2 times a week. Also, it’s best to water plants in the evening or early in the morning. This is because at this time the soil is cooler, and it’s less likely that the water will evaporate compared to during the day when it’s hotter.

Weed frequently

Always pull out any weeds to prevent pests and diseases in your garden. Clean your garden by removing any litter such as empty cans and bottles since these can easily harbor pests. However, this does not mean that all insects are harmful.  On the contrary, there are some insects such as ladybugs and praying mantis which are quite beneficial to your garden since they will keep away pests.

Use the right tools

Tools such as rakes, shovels as well as pans and brushes are essential for garden cleaning. A lot of the outdoor gardening work requires these tools which make it easier to maintain a clean garden. Use a brush and pan to collect any litter that might be lying around your lawn.

Remove any unnecessary plants

If you have too many plants in your garden that are interfering with your space or even making maintenance difficult, get rid of some of them. This will lower the maintenance as well as create enough space for you to sit.

There are many garden plants that you can use from shrubs like Daphne, lavender, and holly. Get more advice on the suppliers’ websites and the best Australian garden maintenance tips about how to maintain your garden and turn it into an elegant outdoor living space.

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