6 Healthy Ways to Get Fit for the Summer


Bikini season is here again, and it is essential for you to get yourself in the right shape, even if your desired bikini is a push up bikini or something more conservative. As you countdown to the beginning of bikini season, here are a few tips to help out:

Start front-loading

If you will like to slim down, then make sure that you consume your calories before the stroke of 3 in the afternoon. People who consume their guest meals very early in the day will be able to lose more weight that those who consume the exact same amount of calories, with most of the being eaten later in the day. To wit, make sure that your dinners are light and don’t let your lunch get postponed to too late in the afternoon.

Get your stretch on

If there is one thing that can sideline your quest to get in shape for that push up bikini that you want so much, it is an injury that you could have easily avoided.

A lot of people tend to forget- or underrate-the power that stretching has. As we grow older, our muscles reduce in elasticity, and this is heightened by doing sports that can cause us to overuse these muscles though some repetitive motion. A few consequences of this overuse include pains, amen and even injuries. This is why it is essential for you to develop a routine of stretching that w help the muscles that you utilize the most. These are probably the uncles in your butt and legs.

Once you cool off from your exercise, spend at least minutes doing static stretches, and hold each stretch position for about half a minute.  

Give your diet the juice

Keep away from the butt-expanding, high-calorie goods and embrace the nutrient-filed, hydrating juice. If you are looking to get a sweet snack that will add in some servings and produce a boot, some juice will help.

All you have to do is get a vegetable juicer, 2 or 3 carrots, a seeded apple, ¼ of a peeled lemon and ½ of a mall beet. Apart from increasing your vitamin A level, this combination will also help provide a glow and give it some additional SPF

Change your morning routine into a power yoga routine

It is still possible for you to get the mind and body benefits of yoga without having to engage in it. All you have to go is incorporate some of the poses into your morning workout. Yoga is more of a dedication in motion. You can have a few shoulder openers while you take a shower, allow your head dry upside down to give your hamstrings a stretch, etc.  

Get the brown bag

It might be more difficult to shed weight if you eat your lunch. At a restaurant. As a matter of fact, there was a study that showed that ladies who eat out at mid-day once a week was able to look effective mere pounds than those who ate from home. Pack your own meals from time to time. Apart from saving calories, you also have some cash as well.

Boost your workout

Anyone who has ever sipped a coffee before beginning their exercise must know that the drink is capable of adding some extra jolt to your exercise. However, a cup o’ Joe is even more important that just giving you some power for your pylo sessions or runs.

According to research, coffee is capable of protecting your body from the sun’s harmful effects. Although this doesn’t mean you need to ditch the sunscreen.

If you’ll like a real treat, then make your pre-exercise an iced coffee so that you’ll get the most energizing part off the coffee at the point when you it the most difficult part.

Use some tech

These days, we have monitors and heart rate devices all over our bodies, music players on our arms and GPS trackers in our footwear. However, if you are to get to the next eel, you might want to ditch the metrics and just check with your body.

Try as much as possible to listen to what your body is saying. It will be able to tell you when to pull back and when to keep going. You can try a tech-free workout every week just to see how it really feels. You might find that you are able to do even more than before


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