6 Helpful Furniture Storage Solutions While Remodeling

6 Helpful Furniture Storage Solutions While Remodeling

Remodeling your home can be a stressful affair. Aside from finding the right crew to handle the job, you also need to make arrangements for how you and your family will be living for the duration of the project. Where will you be staying? Does someone need to be there? Will you need to seal off or store certain items for the meantime?

Replacing old tiles, gutting a kitchen, or repainting a house interior can be part of a major renovation. Not to mention, they can get really messy. It’s a good idea to store away some or all your furniture for the meantime so you don’t need to worry about them and everyone can focus on the renovation. Here are a few ways to go about it:

1. Hire professional help

Whether you plan to move your furniture away to another room in your home or to a temporary storage space somewhere, it might be a task that you can’t take on by yourself. Since this will involve a lot of heavy lifting, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle by getting professional assistance. If you are a Florida resident, it’s quite easy to move your furniture with help in Tampa, Florida. Getting movers to help you will not just make the process faster, but there’s a higher chance of your furniture being transported safely and securely. 

2. Consider your needs

 Before deciding on what kind of storage solution is best for you, account for a few things first. Ask yourself how much furniture you need to store away and if you need access to them during the renovation. You can gather all your furniture in the center of a room to give yourself a better idea on how to go about this. If you have to store a large volume of furniture, you might not be able to fit everything in your home and may need to store them elsewhere. 

On the other hand, you also need to consider if you’ll need to use anything while they’re in storage. If that’s the case, it might be better to keep your furniture in your home or in a self-storage space. That way, you can easily get to your belongings if you need something without disturbing anyone in the process.

3. Account for the expenses

Renovating is already a costly process, so it’s wise to consider the costs of storing your furniture as well. It is less expensive to store everything in your home or a loved one’s house, but you might lack the space for it. If you’ve decided to rent a portable container or a storage space elsewhere, do a thorough search to get the best deals. While it’s good to want your furniture to be protected somewhere spacious, it’s possible to have this without having to spend a fortune.

4. Make use of your garage and another room for furniture storage

If the remodeling project only covers a portion of your home, you might be able to store everything away in a separate part of your home. This is especially true if you’re only putting away a small amount of furniture. Coffee tables and chairs can easily go into a garage or a different room in your house with no problem. Just park your car temporarily outside your home or at a friend’s home to maximize your garage space. Additionally, you can use your guest bedroom for storage if it won’t be part of the remodeling project. Just made sure to lock it properly.   

5. Ask a friend or family member to store your furniture

If you live in a small apartment or a house with not much extra space, it might be hard to find a place to store all your furniture. Additionally, there are times when alternative storage solutions may be unavailable or simply too costly. If you have a close friend or a relative who has extra space in their home or has a storage unit with space, you can ask them to store your furniture as a favor. 

Make sure you can trust this person and don’t overstep your boundaries either. You can sit down with your friend or your relative to discuss the terms of them keeping your furniture for you. Some things you should agree on are what times you are allowed to visit their place in case you need something and how they should store your furniture. 

6. Get a portable container

Need more storage space and access to your belongings? Renting a POD or portable storage container is a great way to get both those benefits. This is also ideal if your remodeling project isn’t so intensive and you’ll be staying at your home. How it works is that you can contact the company and have them drop off the container outside your home. You can then pack up the containers how you see fit and easily access your items if you need them.

Whether you’re going to store your furniture in a different location or in your home, make sure to find a solution that is practical and will keep your belongings safe. It’s good to save money when you’re having your home remodeled, but you can never put a price on security.

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