6 Must Do Things Before Signing A Lease

Renting a place of your own can be the first step into adulthood for some people and an investment opportunity for others. The first step one should take when it comes to renting a property is to do extensive research to find their perfect place. Once that is done, the next step is signing the lease for the property.

However, before signing any lease, one should do a few things in advance to ensure their rental experience is as smooth as possible.

Check the Utilities

When people find the perfect place to rent, they might be too eager to sign the lease and make the move. It is common that they don’t always check if utilities are included in the rental price. For most DC and Maryland properties, including DARO Apartments, the landlords usually take care of paying the utility bills and include them in the overall rental payments as it makes life much easier for tenants. However, not all properties work the same. It is important to figure out, with your landlord, who is responsible for the utilities before signing any paperwork, to ensure that you accept whatever options are offered. This can often be a deal-breaker. If the utilities are not included in the rent, you should ask about the available options and look at how easy it would be to pay the bills yourself to ensure you live a hassle-free life in your new home or office, if you are renting an office for work.

Agree on All the Details In Writing

Renting a property is not that complicated, but it does require a fair bit of work to ensure all the details are agreed upon and the process is smooth and safe for both parties. Whenever people check out real estate for rent, there are usually verbal agreements made between the landlords and the tenants concerning various things about the property. It is quite important to have all of those agreements on any details concerning the house or office written where all parties can sign to ensure legal safety and reassurance.

Inspect the Property Thoroughly

Real estate agents or landlords who place their properties on the market for rent, always try their best to make their properties look as professional as possible to attract tenancy seekers. Unfortunately, many people fall victim to the luxurious outer looks of a place and sign the lease before they realize any problems, such as interior damage. To avoid falling victim to such scams, it is wise to inspect any property carefully before signing any paperwork or making a move into a new place. This way, if you do find any damage and you are still adamant about that location, you can have a written agreement with the landlord on how it would be fixed before or during your tenancy.

Discuss Any Alterations With the Landlord

Sometimes those looking to rent a property are okay with everything it has to offer, but would prefer if certain alterations are made to make the place perfect for their taste or needs. Before making any changes to the place you are renting, whether big or small, it is important to discuss them with the landlord to ensure they would be okay with what you have in mind before you sign the lease.

Ask About Pet Policies

Pets are members of the family. So, if you are thinking about renting a new home, it is absolutely essential to check with the landlords or letting agencies to find out their pet policies. You can have your mind set on a place thinking that it is perfect for you and your family only to find out you are not allowed to have pets in there, which can be incredibly frustrating.

Check Out the Commute

Whether you are looking to rent a property to live in or an office to work in, the commute to and from that place is something you should always consider before signing the papers. Even if you drive your own car and won’t have to rely on public transportation, your petrol consumption is something you should always keep in mind, especially if the travel is extensive.

It doesn’t matter if you are renting your first place alone, with roommates, or even if you are renting real estate for work or investment, once you’ve found the perfect place, you should never rush into signing the lease without taking some precautionary steps. The perfect rental place is one where you have open communication with your landlords and where you both agree on the same terms in advance of the tenancy. Make sure you read the lease terms thoroughly before signing and keep your landlords in the loop if anything ever comes up during your stay.

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