6 Must-See Melbourne Zoos to Spark Imagination and Excitement

6 Must-See Melbourne Zoos to Spark Imagination and Excitement

Are you trying to figure out something to do this weekend? Read this article to learn about Melbourne zoos you must see. Each year, the lively and livable city of Melbourne attracts more than 2.9 million international visitors with its long list of unique attractions and experiences. There’s a lot to do and see in this Australian jewel, but did you know that zoos are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city?

With a wide selection of zoos to visit in Melbourne, it’s easy to get overwhelmed about which ones to add to your itinerary. You definitely don’t want to spend precious hours of your trip at an okay zoo. So, we’ve done the work and compiled a list just for you! Here are 6 must-see Melbourne zoos that are guaranteed to spark imagination and excitement for kids and adults alike!

6 Must-See Melbourne Zoos

There’s an abundance of animal-related attractions in Melbourne. These are the top 6 that you won’t want to miss!

1. Melbourne Zoo

Established in 1962, the Melbourne Zoo is one of Australia’s oldest and most-visited zoos. This wildlife attraction is home to thousands of different animal species and offers a variety of exhibits tailored to specific age ranges. Some of the Melbourne zoo’s most unique and exhilarating features include elephant trails, a large butterfly house, an orangutan sanctuary and even a recreation of scaled-down Asian rainforest!

2. Werribee Open Range Zoo

Nestled along the picturesque stretch of the Werribee River, the Werribee Open Range Zoo is a slice of Africa in Melbourne! The open-range layout mimics that of an African plain, and upon arrival, visitors will suddenly forget they’re not in the Serengeti. Explore 500 acres of open savannah on your bus-tour safari and encounter various species of wildlife face-to-face. This zoo experience offers viewings of lions, cheetahs, monkeys and hippos (just to name a few)!

3. SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

At SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium, it’s easy to lost track of time while watching the vibrant fish and other creatures glide past you in crystal-clear waters. Learn about all different species of ocean life while immersing yourself in the underwater world that is this incredible aquarium. Guests have praised the unique, hands-on encounters and enjoy the fact that they are able to walk through the exhibits at their own leisure.

4. Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park

This award-winning conservation biopark is most famous for its impressive collection of koalas. But koalas aren’t the only animals you’ll be able to see! The Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park is also home to many of Australia’s most-loved Bushland creatures, including dingos, wallabies, kangaroos and even Tasmanian Devils. Embark on a day tour or wait until after sunset for the park’s famous lantern-lit night tours!

5. Healesville Sanctuary

If you’re looking to encounter some of Australia’s native creatures, then the Healesville Sanctuary is the zoo for you. It’s the ultimate exotic taste of Australia! This sanctuary is best-known for its hands-on experiences with the wildlife. Guests are able to get up close and personal with a variety of safe species and can even touch and pet the animals!

6. Kyabram Fauna Park

At Kyabram Fauna Park, you can hang out with more than 400 species of wildlife across the stunning 136 acres. Tourists and locals alike flock to this park to enjoy the incredible sights of exotic birds, wombats, kangaroos and crocodiles among other exciting animals. Walk through the colorful aviary and the reptile house to learn even more about some of the animals you’ll be viewing at this location.

Into the Wild

Now that you’ve learned about a few of the most-loved Melbourne zoos, you’ll be able to schedule a visit knowing that the experience will enhance your vacation. If you found this information helpful, be sure to check out some of our other posts about all things travel!

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