6 of The Secretly Dirty Items in Your Home (and How to Clean Them)

6 of The Secretly Dirty Items in Your Home

When we see dirt in the home, we clean it up. Sometimes, the unclean parts of our home don’t always look as dirty as they actually are. Some materials in our homes accumulate germs and dirt quite easily, but because we can’t always see it, it’s hard to know it’s there. Whilst some bacteria and germs are healthy for our immune system, it’s important to practice good hygiene to keep you and your household safe and well from dirty items in your home which potentially can cause illness.

Pay special attention to these six items and make sure to give them a thorough cleaning!

1) Chopping Board

Your kitchen chopping board is what you will most likely chop all of your culinary items on. Not many households, like commercial kitchens, separate their food groups by chopping board color.

The grooves that get left in chopping boards from knives are perfect for bacteria to hide. To clean, use hot water and soap and scrub with an abrasive sponge. Afterwards, use a bit of sanitizing spray, but do not overuse this product.

2) Rugs and Carpets

The fibers in rugs and carpets create the perfect setting for bacteria to thrive. Not does it come from bare feet and shoes, for example, but once it’s in there, it stays. We don’t clean these items like we might our hands or hard surfaces, and so it’s likely that your floors have some hidden bacteria.

Weekly vacuuming will help, but you may also have deep stains that you’ve never been able to remove. In that case, you should call in the pros. According to this rug cleaning London company, professional cleaning services can treat any type of rug you own, including antique and Persians rugs.

6 of The Secretly Dirty Items in Your Home

3) Kitchen Towels and Dish Sponge

A study by NSF International found that the kitchen actually contained more germs than the toilet in people’s homes. Due to their often damp and versatile nature, dish sponges and kitchen towels are a breeding ground for bad bacteria.

Change your sponge every two weeks, and place it in the microwave or boiling hot water once a day. Put washable clothes on a cycle every one to two days.

4) Door Handles

This one probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you. Think of how many times your door handles get touched each day. The refrigerator handle and toilet flush are the two worst culprits. All handles are touched all day but seldom cleaned. It’s one those things you not might think to be one of the dirty items in your home unless it get messy with sticky jelly or other food.

Using some hot soapy water, sanitizer spray or wipes, you can simply wipe down the handles. Don’t forget light switches while you’re at it!

5) Remote Controls

Think of the state of people’s hands when touching the remote. We don’t wash our hands before watching television, and we usually snack while we surf channels, spreading all these germs onto the remote control.

You can get cleaning products especially for electronic items, including keyboards. However, a simple weekly or even daily wipe with an anti-bacterial wipe is enough.

6) Bags

These are the dirtiest of all. We rarely consider the number of bacteria our bags carry. How often have you chucked your bag on your bed or sofa without a second thought?

Bags have tens and thousands of bacteria on them. We bring our bags everywhere, so it’s not hard to see why this is the case.

Use a sanitizing mist on your bags once a week. If you have bags that are washable, like cotton tote bags, don’t be afraid to put them on a hot wash. Also, be conscious of where you might be placing your bag.


Germs are everywhere, but there’s no need to get too freaked out about it. You can handle the usual dirty items in your home with a few regular cleaning routines. Or even hire a cleaning service for some extra help. Just be conscious of hot spots places for bad bacteria and clean frequently! Sanitizing products are always good to have in the home, and you can’t beat the good old-fashioned hot water and soap.

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