6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring AC Repair Service Company

Cooling systems or ACs are expensive and sensitive. It requires professional handling by AC repair companies. Even the smallest mistake can badly affect your cooling unit and decrease efficiency performance. That’s why while selecting the AC repair company, you’ll have to be cautious and ask the right questions to determine if the company is fit for the job or not.

Here are a few HVAC questions you must ask the AC repair company before hiring them.

6 Questions to Ask the AC Repair Service

What is Your AC Repair Experience?  

Always start the conversation with an AC repair company about their experience in the industry. Because if you want to get the best AC repair, there is no alternative to hiring an experienced cooling professional.

An experienced cooling contractor can handle all sorts of HVAC units. So, if any unwanted situation arises while repairing your cooling system, the professional can handle it. Again, different AC brand requires different types of handling and repair methods. If you hire a novice cooling expert, the professional may not know how to deal with your AC brand. That’s why you should ask the cooling expert whether or not the professional has handled your AC brand before.

6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring AC Repair Service Company

Can You Show Me Your HVAC License?

When a person has HVAC certificates and licenses, it indicates they know almost everything about the cooling unit. Besides, in some states, to get these accreditations, you need years of experience. So, if you hire a licensed cooling professional, it’ll tick mark the experience and accreditation boxes.

Again, if the AC isn’t handled correctly during the repair, there is a possibility of environmental pollution. That’s why while AC repair, it’s crucial to follow the AC repair guidelines, and EPA certification ensures that. When you hire an AC professional with EPA licenses, you can be guaranteed that the professional will follow the guidelines and won’t cause any harm to the environment or your surroundings.

Does Your Company have HVAC Insurance?   

After checking the HVAC license and certifications, you should ask about the HVAC insurance. Even after selecting the best of the best HVAC technician for your AC repair, accidents can happen during AC repairs.

If the HVAC service company doesn’t have insurance coverage, you’ll have to spend money from your pocket to fix the new damages. But when the HVAC company has insurance, you won’t have to be concerned about this. The HVAC insurance will cover the new AC repair expenses.

Also, during AC repair, technicians can be injured. In that situation, if the HVAC employees have insurance, it’ll cover all the medical expenses. That’s why apart from checking the HVAC company insurance, you should inquire about the HVAC employees’ compensation for injuries too.

Do You Offer Any Warranty with AC Repair?

Always go for an HVAC company that offers a warranty with AC repair. Because for some reason, after the AC repair, your cooling unit may not perform as you wanted. In that situation, if you don’t have a warranty from the AC repair company, you’ll have to spend more money on the AC repair.

Again, when an HVAC company offers a warranty with AC repair, it indicates that they are confident about their service.

If the service provider offers a warranty, read the warranty description and ask what is included and what is not in the warranty.

Do You Have Any Reference Whom I Can Contact?

You cannot solely rely on what the HVAC company says about their service while hiring. You’ll have to cross-check their information with customers who have previously taken their services.

Good AC repair companies always provide references to contact and validate the information. On the flip side, bad AC repair companies always avoid providing references. That’s why before selecting a repair company, always ask for references.

Before asking for references, you can ask your friends and families about AC repair companies. Besides, you can search about the AC service provider on Google and read reviews. For this, you can use Google Reviews. This platform can detect fake reviews and remove them from the site. As a result, you get accurate information about the service providers.

What is the Payment Method and Fees?

Before finalizing the deal, you’ll have to ask about the repair costs. If the repair company offers way less than others, you should avoid the repair company. Because in most cases, they end up being scammers.

Again, some AC repair companies demand full payment before they start servicing your cooling unit. Furthermore, if you want to pay the repair fees with the card, some HVAC companies may not accept that. In this case, you would be in trouble if you didn’t have any cash. That’s why before hiring, always ask about the form of payment and payment methods.


Before you hire a contractor for repair, make sure to ask these questions. If they are hesitant to answer or if you are not satisfied with the answers they gave, look for other options.

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