6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to Nevada

Are you considering  moving to Nevada? That’s understandable as this state has so much to offer those who make it their new home. Is all you know of this state Las Vegas and all of the attractions that it has to offer? If so, get ready to change that line of thinking as that city and the rest of the state has become a home for so many for other reasons, and many who live here rarely take part in the activities that Nevada’s most known for.

Numerous Flights

This is especially true for those living in Las Vegas. You will be able to easily fly to spend time with loved ones or to access vacation destinations as this airport is one of the nation’s busiest, and the variety of destinations that it serves is extensive. These range from flights to places like Idaho Falls and Sioux Falls, S.D., to cross-ocean journeys to London and Seoul, South Korea. This accessibility also allows your family and friends to easily visit you, and many will likely enjoy being able to combine a trip to Las Vegas with spending time with you.

Although Reno-Tahoe International Airport doesn’t serve nearly as many destinations as Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport does, it offers regular service to all of the major cities located in the western part of the country in addition to places like New York and Chicago.

Easily Accessible Entertainment

Even if you don’t often take advantage of what the Entertainment Capital of the World has to offer, those who live in Las Vegas do enjoy having these activities always available for when the mood strikes. These include world-class dining options as well as some of the best musical and comedic performances available anywhere. Reno also has a number of attractions to offer locals and visitors alike while those living at Lake Tahoe during the winter months get to enjoy world-class skiing opportunities.

Sports Offerings

Las Vegas has attracted NHL and NFL teams and has received significant levels of support from locals for both of those squads. Meanwhile, both the UNLV Rebels and Nevada Wolf Pack athletic departments have provided sporting entertainment for college sports fans in Las Vegas and Reno for the past several decades. In fact, despite it generally not receiving attention outside of its borders, the Nevada-UNLV rivalry is one of the most intense in the country, especially so in the sports of football and basketball.

Sunny Weather

If you’re the type of person who likes sunny weather, this is the state to go to as it is one of the sunniest in the country. Las Vegas receives 3,825 hours of sunshine every year, just below Phoenix’s 3,872, while Reno is not far behind with 3,646. Yes, it does get hot in Nevada, but not everywhere is like Las Vegas. Reno’s average highs in the summer are around 92 degrees which is reasonably comfortable when combined with it being, as the saying goes, a “dry heat.” Meanwhile, Summerlin, just to the west of Las Vegas, experiences weather noticeably cooler than is being experienced just a few miles away.

Red Rock Canyon and Lake Tahoe

Desert beauty abounds in Nevada. One of the best examples of this – Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area – is situated just 20 miles west of Las Vegas. Meanwhile, the mountain beauty of Lake Tahoe can be reached by a short 35-mile drive from Reno.

Low Taxes

Moving to Nevada tends to also have a positive impact on residents’ pocketbooks. Not only is housing relatively affordable, especially compared to nearby places like Los Angeles, but the taxes here are low too with many of the community’s expenses paid for by the 40 million people who vacation here every year. One example of this is the lack of a state income tax.

Of course, it’s not all pros, and you should take into account the cons of living in this state when coming to your decision. For example, it can be difficult to earn money here, and some do not feel comfortable living the lifestyle that Nevada offers. However, when taking everything into account, this just might be the perfect place for you.

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